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Keeping Your Clients Blonde


Your client has finally taken the plunge and lightened their hair. It’s bright, fresh, and wonderfully new. One of the best things one can do as a Stylist is giving your clients the tools they need to maintain and make the most of their new look. Make sure they go home with the correct information, so when they come in for a touch-up, their hair is just as gorgeous as you left it.

1. Hold off on the purple shampoo for at least two weeks.

Most clients are lost when it comes to aftercare with blonde hair. The result is usually a frustrated hairstylist and an overtoned or undertoned client. Make sure to tell them to hold off on the purple shampoo until at least two weeks after their lightening session. Otherwise, all your careful coloring and toning might go to waste.

Then, once the two-week mark is up, send them home with a quality purple shampoo that’ll stop the hair from getting brassy. Milbon’s SOPHISTONE Color Balancing Purple Shampoo is a great option for balancing the color of the hair. This shampoo is created with tones that cancel out unwanted brassiness, so your client will be the ideal tone during their next visit.

2. Apply a quality hair mask.

Encourage your clients to apply a nourishing hair mask (called masque, for those who want to be fancy) at least once a week. Even the most skilled lightening jobs leave the hair more vulnerable to damage. That’s where hair masks come in.

Repairing hair masks are often made from an intense blend of conditioning ingredients. This protects the hair from future damage and keeps it looking plump, shiny, and gorgeous. Direct them to cleanse the hair with their favorite shampoo and conditioner, then follow up with the mask, allowing it to sit for 10 minutes.

K18 offers a Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask that uses keratin decapeptides to penetrate the hair and rebuild the bonds.

3. Encourage the use of keratin shampoos and nourishing conditioners

A strand of hair is typically between 85%-94% keratin, which means that it plays a huge role in hair health. Damaged hair has gaps within its molecular composition, and keratin helps fill these gaps.

Keune’s Care Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner are great options to restore life and shine back into the hair after a lightening treatment. This combo is also infused with vitamin B5 and shea butter to detangle and moisturize the hair.

Have your clients go home with everything they need to keep their blonde hair healthy, shiny, and the right shade of blonde. Load up on all these advanced blonde treatments and more on Premier’s website.

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