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It’s All About The Pastels


This spring, Premier is breaking out the pastels. Soft, dreamy hues all across the board. We love it all. You might see an influx of clients wanting to match their hair to the gentle colors of spring. It’s perfect for achieving the ideal balance between sweet and daring. Here’s what you need to give your clients the ultimate pastel shade.

Virgin, blonde hair is usually the easiest with which to work. Hair that hasn’t been previously treated is more predictable when it comes to lightening and coloring. The good news is that pastel hair is easier to maintain than bright, vibrant hair as it’s already a soft, light shade, your client won't have to worry as much about fading.

To achieve a beautiful dusty shade of color, you have to start fresh. Pastel hair requires a clean, lightened base. You’ll need to strip all existing colors from your client’s hair. This means you want a lightener that lifts enough to achieve this while also keeping damage to a minimum. You’ll need a good, quality lightener such as KEVIN.MURPHY’s CREAM.LIGHTENER. This lightener offers up to 7 levels of lift and is ammonia-free. Great for all hair types, this lightener is an excellent choice. Finish it off with a toner like Alfaparf Milano’s Evolution of Color3 Harmonizers Post-Bleach Balancing Toner. This cancels out any brassiness, leaving a clean canvas for the color to soak into.

Finally, the last step is to apply the proper color. Alfaparf Milano has a variety of pastel shades in its rEvolution collection. These include Lemonade, Peach Quartz, Mystic Mint, and more! These shades are soft and perfect for an impactful look.
A good pastel color means using top-tier products. Add these to your cart to give your clients the perfect spring hair.

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