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How Premier’s Salons Have Been Giving Back


It’s that time of year! The time when everyone goes around the table to say what they’re thankful for. With many people facing hardships and other challenges during 2020, it’s easy to feel lost when trying to think about the good that this year had to bring. Luckily for us, the beauty community has only shown that they are stronger than ever and continue to support one another during these difficult times. As an extension of Premier, we want to highlight those giving back in their communities, Premier also wants to highlight some of our salons who went above and beyond this year. See how our salons, The Gilded Lily and Ruby and Clover Hairdressing gave back this year and how they continue to support others.

The Gilded Lily

The Gilded Lily is a salon that’s a part of the Premier family. Located in Chicago, IL, The Gilded Lily proudly contributes to the program Loving Without Limits, which helps caregivers who have children that are hospitalized by providing them with gift bags and emotional support, as well as assisting children academically. Mallory, the owner of The Gilded Lily, also contributes his efforts towards The Cove School.

The Cove School is a school created to give extra attention to children with learning disabilities. Currently, they are planning a food drive for the October and November months in 2020. Not only do they assist people, but they also make an effort to help the furrier members of the community. The Gilded Lily donates to a dog rescue known as One Tail at a Time. One Tail at a Time is a program aimed to end pet homelessness by rescuing animals from overcrowded shelters and providing resources to pet owners in need. They believe that reaching out to both humans and animals alike is an important service.

Ruby and Clover Hairdressing

Ruby and Clover Hairdressing in Rochester, MI, is another valued salon that gives simple love to others through charity work. One of the main focuses of their salon is to empower young women all year long. They do so by partnering with external organizations that also have that goal, including the company Our Daughters International (ODI).

This organization’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and train young women who have been human trafficking victims within the country of Nepal. Employees of Ruby and Clover do their part for this organization by continuously traveling to Nepal to lend a hand and assist women in moving forward with recovery. This includes teaching them marketable skills such as business and cosmetology. From there, they can make a living and begin to rebuild their lives. If their employees are unable to travel to Nepal, they conduct live Zoom sessions teaching these same skills. They are also currently in the process of building a beauty school curriculum and cosmetology school within Nepal. Ruby and Clover are grateful for their community and their heart-filled staff. Their employees have risen this year to love their community.

Additionally, there are a few salons that were nominated by their Account Executives for their service to their communities. These include Chasing Vanity for volunteering at events for the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan and the Multiple Sclerosis Program at Mercy Health. As well as The James Salon for holding events that raised funds for the Women’s Resource Center of Grand Rapids. Lastly, we recognize The Parlour at City Flats Hotel for hosting fundraisers for Women at Risk International, Humane Society of West Michigan, Kids Food Basket, and Family Promise of Grand Rapids.

Premier is grateful for all the work that our salons have been doing to help out our community this year. Each one of them contributes to others in their own unique way and we couldn’t be more proud to work with them.

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