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Getting Holiday Miracle Hair
Getting Holiday Miracle Hair
Welcome to the beginning of winter. The fireplace is on high, you have your warmest pajamas on, and you're ready to end your night with some good ol’ holiday cheer. As you scroll through the channels, you stumble upon a movie on the Hallmark channel about a town that has lost all holiday cheer. It’s the only time of year where the cheesiness of Hallmark movies is acceptable. The production value is awful, and the actors are even worse, but for some reason, that interests you. The more you watch, the more you realize these D-list actors (who should have chosen a different career path) surprisingly have gorgeous A-list hair. It gives you a major holiday inspiration for not only yourself but your customers. Premier has all the tools you need to give your customers the holiday hair of their dreams.

Credit: Picture Perfect Christmas

Have you ever noticed that women in Hallmark movies all have perfect hair no matter what the situation? It doesn’t matter if it’s going on a winter hike, running late to their big important business job, or sprinting to the airport in a last-ditch effort to save the town. It doesn’t matter; they always have good hair. Thanks to hairspray with some serious holding power, you can achieve this by setting your look with Milbon’s Signature Creative Style Extra Strong Hold Hairspray 10. This hairspray has enough powerful hold to last you all day. That way, your customers will have gorgeous hair for the next time they’re confessing their love for the local Christmas tree lumberjack in a snowstorm.

Credit: Maggie’s Christmas Miracle     

Are you looking for a haircut that screams, “woman with a successful job who doesn’t know the meaning of Christmas”? Well, that exists. It’s a slight side part with a mid-length cut and loose curls. Every woman in a holiday movie has some sort of variation of this hairstyle. To achieve this holiday look, try Living Proof’s Style Lab Blowout. This formula smooths out all that frizz to give you that smooth blowout look in half the time. It does this with a heat-activated formula with ingredients that smooth the cuticle, so your client can have the perfect hair to tell their big important corporate job that she’s sick of playing by their rules.

Credit: Write Before Christmas

Finally, all Hallmark Christmas women seem to have gorgeous highlights to add dimension to their hair while they’re insisting to everyone that Santa isn’t real (but who left this bike under the Christmas tree?). KEVIN.MURPHY’s ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER is perfect for giving your clients a beautifully blended highlight just in time for the holidays.

Premier hopes that your holiday is everything you hope it will be. While this year might look a little different, we’re sure that you’ll make the most of it by looking as fabulous as always. Something that has stayed consistent during this time is the support you have from the Beauty Team and the 24/7 holiday movies from the Hallmark channel. If you’d like some more products to give you the Holiday hair of your dreams, check out our holiday gift sets page.

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