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Go Natural for The New Year


Embracing Natural Hair for the New Year
Embracing Natural Hair for the New Year
For clients, changing their hair through dying and straightening as if they’re ready to take on the world. Life is now on a whole other level because they’ve gotten highlights. If your clients have been changing their hair up for a while, they might want to consider a refresh for the new year. Embracing their natural hair can be a breath of fresh air, and it seems like we all need that after 2020. The first step to embracing natural hair is to determine what your client’s biggest hair concern is and how to help. Are they looking to go from straight to curly, looking to grow it out longer, or maybe returning to their original hair color? Whatever they’re trying to accomplish, Premier Beauty has you covered with tools and products to help your clients grow their natural hair right.

A great way to let those roots grow out is to consider asking your client if they’d like an ombre. From there, you can begin blending and highlighting certain sections until they have a gorgeous gradient from one color to the next. This tip is especially helpful for those who have naturally dark hair but have previously taken the plunge to go blonde. If you’re a beginning hairstylist, a great way to get started on perfecting the complicated balayage is the Balay Box 2.0 by Sunlights Balayage. This kit provides you everything you need to get started such as an educational DVD to show you the ropes, lightener, a comb, loader brush, and balay wrap.

If a client is looking to transition from straightened hair to more of a natural texture, we recommend buying products specifically made for treating curly hair. A great curl mask to start them off with is the Precious Nature Curly/Wavy Mask with Grape and Lavender. This mask is made with ingredients that will take them from frizzy straight hair to gorgeous defined curls. The grape serum within this formula penetrates the cuticle of the hair, giving them softer, smoother curls.

On the other hand, if you have a client that is a diehard hair coloring and heat tool fan, you might not be able to tell what their natural color and texture are. The best remedy for this is to try and encourage them to grow their hair out for as long as possible. To speed up the process of hair growth, be sure to tell them to get regular trims, deep condition to avoid breakage with a nourishing mask like the Care Vital Nutrition Mask by Keune, and--most importantly--be patient. This is the time for their hair to rest and recover. Maybe also the time to invest in some really cool hats.

Embracing your natural hair can be just as liberating as changing it to a different color or style. Not only that, but it gives your hair the necessary time to heal so when the time comes for something new, it’s ready to go. Whatever you decide to do with your locks for the new year, we wish you luck on your upcoming hair journey!

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