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Get Into the Summer Smoothing Business with Brazilian Blowout


Brazilian Blowout is life-changing, in results and revenue.

With summer right around the corner, take advantage of the humidity and heat to offer solutions for your clients—and make some big bucks in the process. With a 12 oz. bottle, you can make a minimum profit of $3,150. With a 34 oz. bottle, you can make a minimum pocketed profit of $7,900.

“It’s a great money maker,” Yolanda Reynolds, Director of Sales for Brazilian Blowout, said.
Money You Can Make With Brazilian Blowout
This extra cash could take your family on vacation, help you pay your mortgage or allow you to invest in education for your career.

“It’s great to do as a stylist because it makes you more accessible and knowledgeable,” she said. “Somebody new starting off may also not have a full clientele. This makes you busier.”

Once you’re well-versed in the treatment, this genre of services can be added to the styling, braiding, blowouts and extensions you already offer in the salon, which opens up potential for new clients and adds an exciting service for your loyal clientele.

“Should I Get a Brazilian Blowout?”

A lot of stylists pigeonhole themselves into thinking they don’t have clients for this smoothing treatment. However, Brazilian Blowout is not just for coarse, thick and unruly hair– it’s for all hair textures.

“Any customer walking through the door can benefit from our smoothing treatment. You can eliminate frizz and keep curl or you can make hair as smooth as possible. For fine haired clients, it can create volume.”

Brazilian Blowout can also be customized. Some stylists use the treatment for partials, the hairline and bangs. The treatment imparts shine, locks in hair color, deeply conditions hair and reduces daily maintenance.

How to Suggest a Smoothing Treatment

When suggesting a smoothing treatment for summer, the consultation is everything. Ask what they’re looking for in the consultation and use those answers to guide the conversation toward a smoothing service.

Brazilian Blowout provides the following:
• 100% elimination of frizz
• Reduced curl
• Reduced blow-drying and styling time
• Healthy hair for up to three months or 12 weeks
• Styles that last all day, especially in warm, humid weather

Salons usually bundle support products like shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum into the price of service to help maintain the treatment.

This life-changing treatment is not far away. For more information on Brazilian Blowout, the No.1 smoothing treatment in the world, browse the line on Premier Beauty and buy a bottle.

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