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Fly Around the U.S. With Premier Beauty to Discover Our Hair Brands


While Premier’s office may be located in Illinois, we are far from being just a Midwest company. With representation from brands all over the world, it’s easy to take a quick expedition from coast-to-coast in just a single shopping trip. With so many brands available on our website, you may now be wondering where your favorites are from. Well, take a seat, grab your passport, and follow along with the Premier team as we travel across the county to discover more about the brands that we carry.


Start your journey on the East Coast, as we travel to Boston to visit our friends at Living Proof. Living Proof started their journey as a company in 2005, when their founders decided to mix science and hairstyling to help industry-leading professionals. When combining them both, Living Proof took the hair industry by storm and truly started a hair care revolution. Now, with product availability throughout the U.S. and Canada, Living Proof has become not only a household beauty brand name but a product favorite among the beauty community. Shop this brand at Premier Beauty.


Hop on a flight for some warmer weather and say hello to our friends at Hotheads Hair Extensions. Created by Richard Schoonover, Hotheads Hair Extensions has proved repeatedly that their hair extensions are one of the best on the market. Made from 100% Remy human hair, Hotheads Hair Extensions offers various extension types to best suit a client’s needs. Sourcing their hair from India, Asia, Europe, and the U.S., Hotheads represents multiple countries within their products and enjoys giving back to various communities through their philanthropies, including Heart for India. With the goal of providing stylists and salons with easy-to-use and safe products with quality in mind, Hotheads Hair Extensions have made a huge mark within the hair extension community. Shop this brand at Premier Beauty.


Ready to see some mountains? Let’s hike on over to Washington and see what LOMA Hair Care is up to! In the market for over 27 years, Loma’s founder, David Hanen, had family in mind when creating this brand. Focusing on the green beauty industry, Hanen wanted to create a collection of products that were free of parabens, dioxanes, phthalates, hormones, and pesticides. With their innovative Organic Aloe Vera Gel being one of the main ingredients in all of LOMA Hair Care’s products, this brand truly offers moisturizing and organically infused hair care items for the entire family. With salons from all over the U.S. and Canada carrying LOMA products, this brand has proven to be an industry favorite all over North America. Shop this brand at Premier Beauty.


Let’s make our way down the West Coast as we visit four of our brands in sunny California!
Starting in Agora Hills, we have a home of three very special Premier Beauty brands: Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian Bond Builder, and LEAF & FLOWER. All three of these brands make up one unified company, Brazilian Professionals. Brazilian Professionals focuses on providing the best hair treatments for salons and hair professionals alike. With their various innovative hair products, they have truly taken the world by storm and have become a fan favorite to many working behind the chair. As an addition to their many versatile products, they provide top of the line education courses for stylists to be as successful as possible when using Brazilian hair products. Available for purchase to salons throughout the U.S., this hair company has become a major powerhouse in the hair industry.

Stopping off in Hollywood, we have to visit the Premier brand, Aloxxi Haircare. Founded by coveted OPI nail polish creator, George W. Schaeffer, this company has a passion for not only unique experiences but also hair care. Staying true to the OPI trend of having creative names for their colors, Aloxxi does the same with their products and gives hair color clients the opportunity to ask, “am I more of an Espresso Yourself or a Cioccolato Gelato?” The location of where Aloxxi is located impacts the way their company functions by keeping up with the latest style trends from the world’s top celebrities, influencers, and fashionistas. Available worldwide, Aloxxi has proven to be an exceptional indie brand that offers benefits for any salon professional. Shop this brand at Premier Beauty.

Heading further south down the coast, stopping at Newport Beach means we get to catch up with our brand, ColorProof Haircare Authority. Created by beauty industry icon and developer of five successful hair care companies, Jim Markham, ColorProof truly goes above and beyond within their products. Focusing on high-quality hair care items and formulas, ColorProof addresses benefits for anyone’s hair needs, along with providing color care protection. Being close to the ocean, this brand stays true to its roots and makes an effort to do its part with taking care of the environment in its business practices. With a focus on sustainability, they use 10% ocean-bound upcycled plastic in each bottle when producing the packaging for their products. With salon professionals purchasing their products all over the country and beyond, it’s no wonder why this brand has become a fan favorite at Premier Beauty. Shop this brand at Premier Beauty.

Our final stop is in Carlsbad, where we can hang out at the headquarters of UNITE Hair Care. Founded in 2003, UNITE has successfully created multiple award-winning, top-performing hair products. Celebrity hairdresser, Andrew Dale, created this brand in an effort to deliver easy-to-use and effective products for the salon professional and their clients. Free of parabens, sodium chloride, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals and residues, this 45-piece collection has produced effective results for hair without containing any of the bad stuff. Passionate about the local community surrounding the UNITE offices, UNITE also had developed its signature pet care line, Doggy ‘Poo to help out two philanthropic organizations: Shelter to Solider and The San Diego Humane Society. All of the proceeds of the products purchased within this line goes to these two organizations in aid for finding our furry friends a forever home. UNITE’s products can be found in salons in and out of the country and are only continuing to grow from here. Shop the brand at Premier Beauty.

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