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ColorProof BioRepair-8: The Hottest New Hair-Thinning Treatment


Many people experience some form of hair thinning during their lifetime. And while the causes of thinning hair vary, the results seem to be the same: frustration and embarrassment.

Many products on the market promise hair regrowth, but to the dismay of many, don’t deliver. ColorProof’s BioRepair-8 is a new kind of treatment that—wait for it—actually works. This comprehensive solution is receiving rave reviews from clients and stylists alike.

How BioRepair-8 Works

BioRepair-8 is a three-step treatment consisting of a shampoo, conditioner, and serum, complemented by a scalp exfoliating brush. The treatment works at the cellular level to improve scalp health and create an optimal environment for growth.

With BioRepair-8, an astounding 86% of users saw fuller, thicker hair in just four weeks. In the same time frame, 93% of users noticed that their hair had more volume.

What Makes BioRepair-8 Different

One of the biggest challenges in treating thinning hair is that there are many potential causes for the condition. While most products on the market offer a blanket solution that treats the symptoms of thinning hair (ignoring the cause), ColorProof did their homework to come up with a treatment that targets the four leading causes:

Cause #1: A buildup of sebum and poor microcirculation

BioRepair-8 employs a scalp-exfoliating brush, paired with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), to increase microcirculation and lift away excess sebum.

Cause #2: Increased levels of the DHT hormone

BioRepair-8 addresses increased levels of DHT through eight natural scalp fortifiers that prevent the hormone from being absorbed:

• Saw Palmetto
• Green Tea
• Caffeine
• Pumpkin Seed Oil
• Nettle
• Biotinoyl
• Tripeptide-1
• Citric Acid
• Oleanolic Acid

Cause #3: Aging stem cells

An Apple and Grape (AG) Stem Cell Complex fights aging stem cells to maintain cell functionality.

Cause #4: Failure to anchor

Biotin and Copper Peptides target tissue to rebuild and strengthen growth anchoring ability.

In addition to addressing the four primary causes of hair loss, BioRepair-8 uses a range of phytonutrients and vitamins to promote new growth, more fullness, and enhanced shine while nourishing the follicle. Plus, it contains ColorProof’s Advanced ColorLast System to strengthen and protect hair from heat and sun.

ColorProof BioRepair-8 is a revolutionary treatment: Not only does it target the four main causes of thinning hair to improve scalp health, but it leaves clients with soft, silky hair that’s not dried out. No matter what type of hair thinning they suffer from, clients can expect results with BioRepair-8, without the risks associated with some other treatments.

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