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Meet Shelly Wilson, November Educator of the Month


When did you first realize that you wanted to educate?

I'm a curious person who likes a continual challenge, so becoming an educator seemed like a perfect exploration. I like creating variety in my day-to-day life and wanted to see what else there was to do other than work behind the chair. I've always envisioned myself educating at some point. Plus, I understand the importance of staying educated and sharing that knowledge with others so that we can stay informed and relevant in the industry.

When KEVIN.MURPHY came out with a color line we were stoked! And why not just fully immerse ourselves into it 100%? Its really fun to explore things with like-minded people. It seemed like a very natural fit to delve on into it. Some things just align!

Where do find your inspiration to teach?

Education itself, amongst a lot of things, inspires me. As an eager person, I like to be aware of what is pertinent in the industry, so internally I seek inspiration from outside leaders. What better people to team up with than Premier Beauty and COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY!

My clients are also where I get a lot of inspiration. I like to feel confident in my craft so my clients feel assured that they are getting the best color I can give. Salon peers also inspire me. I think the more we share with others, the more we can all grow as professionals.

How has your work as a Premier Beauty educator influenced your work as a salon owner?

I have been lucky enough to gain insight into how to achieve the best results with COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY. That is great knowledge to share with my co-workers. This allows our salon team to be well-informed colorists. Having a good foundation of color knowledge allows our salon to get creative and have fun with our craft. I think that clients love to see that salon is continually adapting and changing with the trends in the industry.

Being an educator has also allowed me to meet with other salon owners and exchange ideas with them, which inspires me as a salon owner.

Tell us about working with the KM team.

The KM team is way fun! They are all very passionate about what they do. Working with them has allowed for me to exist in a different capacity than I do at the salon. They are hard-working and have a common goal to spread the KM love. It's exciting to have to opportunity to be a part of that momentum.

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