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Meet Saro Azizian, Featured Educator for August 2020


Saro Azizian, Master Artisan for Alfaparf, has a straightforward approach to hairdressing and a perspective on educating that drives you to see more potential in yourself. For that reason, we’ve selected him as Premier Beauty’s Featured Educator for August 2020!

It’s nice to catch up. You’re our first two-time featured educator! What have you been up to, Saro?

I made it to the Master Artisan position at Alfaparf. Last year, we had to go through certification to become a Master Colorist with Alfaparf. I’m trying to obtain global status, but everything got postponed. I speak five languages and was born and raised in the Middle East, so I am excited to go for it.

You mentioned that your service in the military and emigration to the U.S. shaped you as a stylist. How has your perspective shaped you as an educator?

I always maintain communication with every salon and stylist I connect with. I don’t take it for granted. When people ask if I like doing hair, my answer is always, “No, I don't like doing hair. I love doing hair.”

You also say, “I’m not teaching. I’m sharing knowledge and information.” What have you added to your classes since 2017?

Yeah, actually we started doing an advanced class—Master Colorist. There’s always stylists that reach out after our classes wanting color correction. We wanted to do that for them.

We had a lot of buzz about dress work at America’s Beauty Show last year in the Premier area. A lot of hairdressers understand the concept of dress work but don’t understand what it takes. Hairdressers get too scared when they see someone with thick hair. What you have to do is try to remove the big section and create smaller sections. It is always suggested to start from the back and isolate that from the front.

We asked you back in 2017 about trends, and you said “any and all” were on limits, but how do you boil the trends down for each client?

A lot of what hairdressers lack is consultation. That’s what’s going to save your life. You want to be blonde, OK then can you maintain it? That’s when consultation is key. Example: I would design the color based on your skin pigments. If you’re a bride, I’m going to base the style based on where you’re going and your personality.

Yeah, everybody can do highlights, but first, it’s the integrity of their hair and how it will look when you’re done. Does the color match them and how will they maintain it? Is it feasible for them to maintain it?

If it’s not feasible, it is my reputation, and that's the way I work. It’s my reputation. If that’s going to require you to change your whole wardrobe and makeup, I’m going to ask you about another style.

Great point. Stylists need to factor in their business when deciding what services to perform on their clients. Would you mind sharing some examples of how you transformed your client’s hair for the better?

OK, so for the first look she hadn’t been to the salon for three years. She lost her confidence with hairdressers because they ruined her hair quite a few times. She came to me through a lot of referrals and recommendations through people she knows, and we transformed her to have shorter hair with a neutral copper tone with a little balayage accent. Alfaparf color was able to get her lighter with no damage, and the shorter hair will be easier to keep healthy.

The second look, she was tired of going to salons and them never covering her grey. She has 80% grey and they turn her hair color brassy tones. Luckily, she has the skin tone to pull lighter shades of blonde. This way, it’s more forgiving when the grey grows out—she doesn’t have to maintain it very often.

Third look, she was tired of going to different salons that never gave her an opinion of if she should change her hair colors up. She always had ombre or just highlights. That’s when I turned her onto using the metallic pink transformation that she never experienced before, but yet it’s low-maintenance because of the dark shadow roots. I used Alfaparf’s Metallic Copper Rose to get this.

Thank you, Saro, for giving us some informative transformations. Make sure to log in and register to shop Alfaparf at Premier Beauty.

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