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Meet Marcia G. Lee, August Educator of the Month


Marcia G. Lee, Salon Owner/Stylist at Marimarshe’ Salon and Educator for Aloxxi International, prides herself on educating clients. She teaches them how to use products and even opens them up to color possibilities they never thought possible with their hair. Her commitment to clients is why we’ve chosen her as August’s Educator of the Month for Premier Beauty!

How’d you get your start in education?

I was doing hair in the dorms when I went to Howard University in Washington DC, where I received my bachelor’s degree in political science. If someone told me I would be a successful salon owner, I would’ve said, “What are you talking about?” After graduating, I went to get my cosmetology degree and along with a master’s in Cosmetology as an educator.

I chose to educate for Aloxxi because of their demi-permanent color line with no ammonia. Many of my African American clients were so afraid of color—they thought it broke your hair off. I wanted to convince them that color is safe, healthy, fun, and sexy. I educate my clients on everything. They can tell you the name of their relaxers, color, and exactly what I use on their hair. Not teaching them is a disservice.

What’s your favorite product from Aloxxi?

Any blonde is my favorite, really, but I love Taste of Torino. I love mixing 9p with 9na. It gives you a vibrant, but very soft blonde. It’s not too gold and not too ashy.

What are the common problems faced by stylists today?

Stylists struggle with how to set the tone, convince the client, and close the deal. You have to have some rapport with the customer to do all these things. As a student, you’re taught to pass the state board, but not how to engage or build clientele. What happens when they say no? What happens when they don’t like their hair? You have to stay professional in these situations, and that comes with experience and education.

What do you want stylists to know about education?

Don’t just focus on one thing: Be well rounded. If you stay in a niche, and a client wants something else, they’ll go somewhere else. Some stylists only do long hair, weaves, or color, and forget about the cut. A lot of clients will say, “Oh, I have this salon do my color, this salon to do my weave hair, and this salon to get my hair shampooed.” They should be getting everything in one place, and your salon should give them that.

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