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Meet Kristin Kaide, our November Educator of the Month!


Kristin Kaide, Artistic Team Member with MOROCCANOIL, is our November Educator of the Month!

Years in Education:
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How’d you get your start in education?
After attending a course at the Moroccanoil Academy in New York City, the Regional Education Manager for the brand reached out to me to see if I was interested in becoming an educator. I started educating locally with Premier and then moved up to Artistic Team Member.

What’s your favorite product from MOROCCANOIL?
It’s hard to pick, but if I had to choose, my top three would be PERFECT DEFENSE, THICKENING LOTION, and DRY TEXTURE SPRAY.

I use PERFECT DEFENSE on all of my heat styles. It’s an aerosol which makes it super easy to use and protects hair up to 450°F. I love that it doesn’t weigh hair down.

THICKENING LOTION is perfect for achieving fullness; it densifies each strand of hair. I love to use it to make blowouts extra bouncy or to add texture for a thicker braid.

DRY TEXTURE SPRAY gives hair a beautiful finish—it adds volume and an airy look to every style.

What's the newest, freshest approach you're bringing to education?
I try to connect with each stylist individually and do what I can to tailor my approach to their specific learning style. It has never been my approach to lecture people or talks at them. Instead, I really care about helping them learn and grow in a way that works for them.

What are the common problems faced by stylists today?
Burnout is a huge problem among stylists right now. The past couple of years have been tough on everyone, and we’re all doing our best to move forward. However, as accessible as virtual classes have made education, I think it can also put pressure on us to do as much as we physically can, and that’s not always the best approach.

It’s important to be selective and intentional about the classes we take so we can be fully present and engaged. If we over-commit ourselves, we are less likely to get as much out of a class. I always try to remind myself that there is no point in showing up if I don’t show up with all of myself.

What do you want stylists to know about education?
Education is only as good as your participation. You can show up to the best class and be in the front row, but if you’re not open to learning or think you know it all, you’re not going to get anything out of it.

What are your educator goals?

Right now, I just want to be back teaching as much as possible. Educators and students alike need to reconnect and get that inspiration flowing again and remember why we love what we do.
What new skill would you like to learn (hair or non-hair related)?
I’ve been trying to learn how to code and have been slowly building my website from scratch. It’s tough, but it’s a great creative outlet.

Who’s your biggest mentor?
My parents were my first and biggest business mentors. I got to see firsthand the pitfalls and glory of owning a business throughout my childhood, and watching them work through those problems and continue to grow influenced me.

Within the hair industry, Juan Jose Herrera has been a huge mentor for me. He’s an incredible stylist! I had been following his work and happened to bump into him at an industry event. I was still in school at the time, but he took me under his wing and has continued to help me grow at every stage of my career.

Where do you find your inspiration? (for teaching, for behind the chair, for personal life)
I find my inspiration from traveling—the different architecture and design aesthetics, color and texture combinations, clothing, and shapes in nature—it’s all great inspiration. For example, I was recently in Switzerland and saw a gate attendant with a really intriguing hairstyle. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone with me, so I drew it up in my notebook as soon as I had a chance so thatUnfortunately, I wouldn’t forget. I’ve come up with so many ideas for wigs and editorial work from that one encounter.

What is the most rewarding part about educating?
There’s nothing more rewarding than when someone contacts me months or years later and shows me their work around something I taught them. I love being able to inspire and empower others.

What is your favorite cutting or coloring technique?
The one that best suits my client. I would never want to do a technique on someone if it wouldn’t, unfortunately, look great or be a good fit for their lifestyle just because it would be fun and creative for me as a stylist. So much of our job is making our clients happy, and I love to see their reactions when I give them a style that works for them.

What is a word of advice that you have for new stylists?

A new stylist willing to mess up and learn will go further than one afraid to get out of their comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to fail: When you’re just starting, that’s the best time to do it.

Any advice for seasoned stylists?
It’s easy to get into a routine, especially when you have a lot of the same clients who want the same style all the time. However, I once learned about Japanese architecture in which the architects intentionally built barriers and challenges into the design of homes for older people. The idea was not to make life difficult for them but to keep them healthy by continually challenging their nervous system.

I take this approach in everything I do by starting from a different place. So, for example, if a client comes in every four weeks wanting nothing but a trim, I try to approach it in a new way, sectioning it differently or starting in the front versus the back. When we get complacent, we stop thinking, and that’s not good for us.

How do you like to spend your days off? (hobbies/interests)
I love art—creating and collecting it, so I spend my time doing creative hobbies like thrifting, photography, and cooking. I also love to spend lots of time with my family.

Favorite pick-me-up in the middle of a busy salon day? (snack, coffee, music, meditation, etc.)
I am such a picture hoarder. So when I need a mental escape and only have a moment, I'll go through the photos or videos on my phone and relive a memory. It helps me to recollect myself before my next client.

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