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Meet Joanne Farfan, June Educator of the Month


Joanne Farfan has used Moroccanoil longer than she’s worked for them, but that doesn’t mean she’s done learning, said the Moroccanoil Elevated Educator.

“Even though I’m an educator, there are so many things I can learn. If you stay open-minded to learning things as a hairstylist—cutting, coloring and styling—you tend to soak in a lot more.”

Her passion for learning and teaching is the reason why she’s Premier Beauty’s June Educator of the Month. Moroccanoil’s entire education platform is based around styling, whether it’s updos, curls, luxury or red carpet blowouts, braiding and knotwork, which means she sees a wide spectrum of experience.

Working behind the chair as a stylist at Dynamic Salon & Boutique, she also sees a wide spectrum of hair types, which require her to master and be open to different ways of achieving hairstyles. Her skills and open-mindedness give her the right attitude and understanding to bring all the experience levels together.

“I feel like as soon as I tell them I work behind the chair they open up, because on a day-to-day basis I’m using the product on people. Half of the time we’re laughing and cracking jokes. It’s really neat.”

Sometimes it’s not always about teaching, it’s about grabbing people from the class and having them teach other stylists, she said.

“It’s not about knowing it all either. If you’re not open-minded to things, the class goes a certain way. A lot of it is taking the time to learn rather than thinking you can’t do it.”

Product is a big eye-opener, too.

“We’ll use product the right way in class and it’s an ‘aha’ moment for them.”

What is your favorite Moroccanoil product and why?

“It’s kind of hard. It’s a tie between the new Blow-Dry Concentrate and Dry Shampoo.”

I’ll use Dry Shampoo in the hair before I style wedding clients. The Dry Texture Spray also holds onto the updo and curl set. If you do a loose curl and add Dry Texture Spray, it separates, lifts and makes their hair thicker. For thick and coarse hair, the Blow-Dry Concentrate is amazing.”

What is your favorite trend happening right now?

“I love the braids and messy updos. The hair is undone but it’s still done in a way. I love that things aren’t so polished. It gives you a lot of room to play with the hair.”

Who do you look to for inspiration in dressing hair?

Kevin Hughes and Robert Ham. I feel like I’ve grown so much just learning and watching the way they teach things and the way they work.

What’s a surprising thing you’ve learned?

“Just learning the multiple ways to tie a ponytail, take the bumps out and make it cleaner has been a big takeaway.

It sounds silly but it completely changes your life when you’re doing an updo with super heavy hair and you need another way to hold it. It’s mostly the little things like that that make a big difference.”

Most memorable moment you’ve had as an educator?

“The first time I got to go on stage. I was assisting Kevin but I was up there with Antonio and Robert. It was surreal getting to go on stage with them to assist and watch what they do on stage. Their charisma on stage is the best part of it. Yes, we go into classes and teach but it helps to know that even with how much charisma they have, they get nervous too. You see them go through the whole process."

If you were stranded on a desert island what appliance and product could you not live without?

“Moroccanoil Treatment, because it’s going to be hot, and a curling iron. We’ll find somewhere to plug it in!

Moroccanoil is a really fun company to work for—they’re growing. They’ve come out with new products that are really taking off. Just seeing how much everybody else loves the products is fun.”

Stay open-minded and experiment with the entire Moroccanoil line at Premier Beauty. For more Educators of the Month, visit our blog and follow us on Facebook.

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