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Meet Eileen Rae, June Educator of the Month


Eileen Rae, Keune Educator and Independent Stylist at Skilled Hands Hair Studio in Cleveland, wins our pick for Premier’s June Educator of the Month! She brings 30 years of industry experience and unparalleled advice. Congratulations, Eileen!

What do you love about education?

I love to make people happy by talking through problems and answering questions. I explain things the way I understand them, I don’t use a bunch of big, fancy words, and I don’t beat around the bush.

I love color—it’s my passion. I like working on coverage challenges with gray hair. When you can nail it, it’s very satisfying, because all gray hair is not created equal.

What's the newest, freshest approach you're bringing to education?

I’m a stylist just like everyone else. I make sure they know I'm just like every one of them, but I’m teaching them the “why” behind hair color—why they’re doing it a certain way and why it works.

I want people to understand what they’re doing. People are timid; they get fearful of hair color and trying new things. They have their favorite formulas and that’s all they do. I want stylists to understand what hair color actually does because everybody’s hair accepts hair color differently.

What do you want stylists to know about hair color?

Some hair color cannot just happen overnight. You have to take several steps to get to the end results. Sometimes you have to do highlights and go back in and do a shadow root. Sometimes you have to cover gray and then do the highlights.

Advice for educators?

Listen and help each individual person when they ask a question. Answer it and don’t push it to the side.

What’s your favorite product from Keune?

Keune Care Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray- It’s a leave-in conditioner that actually repairs the hair, detangles, and conditions. Keune’s UC colors are also amazing for covering gray hair.

What are your educator goals?

To keep current and keep learning. I’ve been doing hair for a long time and there’s so much new technology that you have to stay current.