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Meet Chelsea Laurèn, June Educator of the Month


Chelsea Laurèn, Business Owner at Cheveux by Chelsea, Independent Stylist, and ELEVEN Brand Influencer, has a refreshing outlook on digital education following the COVID-19 shutdowns. Her passion for educating is the reason why we’ve selected her as June’s Educator of the Month!

What is a common problem faced by stylists today?

Obviously, right now we’re facing problems we would’ve never dreamed of facing. Our industry as a whole has had to pivot. How do we stay relevant? Our education has been put on hold—formal education—meaning I can’t go into salons and teach, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use my social media platform. I started an Instagram TV series called “Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Beautiful,” giving product knowledge, styling tips, and fun videos like how to style your hair when it’s 10 weeks overgrown.

How do you think those problems should be handled?

I feel like we’re lacking community and by having that real, authentic video—it’s almost like you’re having customers in your home and having a cup of coffee. I wanted to keep education going and keep product knowledge at the forefront of people’s minds to reinforce customer loyalty and create a reason to connect with my customers. Trust me, I’m not a video person; I only had two videos before coronavirus started. I’m not using anything crazy or fancy. It’s been refreshing letting the raw, real side of me show.

What do you want stylists to know about education?

One of the things my boss at ELEVEN has told me is, “You don’t need to know everything about everything, you just need to know what you know and know it well.” In beauty school, we were told to be able to service anyone that walked through the doors. Now, we need to focus on knowing our limitations and strengthening our talents.

Chelsea Laurèn fixes a blonde model during an education class at Tacari Salon.

What’s your favorite product from ELEVEN?

This week (because it changes so often), my favorite product is the Dry Finish Texture Spray. I love that it’s not heavy and waxy but gives my hair that perfect, chic, effortless look. I don’t like to layer on hairspray because it gets crunchy. This has a hold factor of 3 so it acts as hairspray and absorbs oils, too.

What new skill would you like to learn?

I do not have a green thumb so I’m really trying to learn how to garden. This year, I’ve made a little bit of a garden. I also really enjoy watercolors so I’m trying to learn my skills.

Chelsea Laurèn's sweet potato vines are starting to grow in her new, homemade planter!
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