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Meet Cara Crafton, January Educator of the Month


Cara Crafton, Creative Team Educator for Living Proof, recognizes that no one is ever done learning, and that’s why we’ve selected her as Premier Beauty’s Educator of the Month!

How’d you get your start in education?

I’ve been doing hair for many years and I’ve always taken on the role of mentor and trainer, so becoming an educator seemed like the next logical step for me.

What’s your favorite product from Living Proof?

My favorite Living Proof product is Style Lab Blowout, because it’s versatile. It makes it easy to control hair and get it to do whatever you want. I use it to add shine, for root lift, as a gel—it does everything and leaves hair super soft.

What's the newest, freshest approach you're bringing to education?

I try to be approachable and connect with students; I’m really just one of them. I love being able to share my experience with them in a relatable way.

What do you want stylists to know about education?

Not everyone understands the value of education. Some stylists allow themselves to become complacent, but it’s so important to stay fresh.

With there being so much accessible information online and through social media, clients are coming in the door more educated than ever before. You have to be on top of your game to keep up and be current.

That’s why continuing education is so important. Sign up for classes and open yourself to new ideas; no one should ever feel like they’ve learned it all. You are never done learning.

Any advice for educators?

Remember that we’re all in this together—we’re all teachers and students. Just because you’re the one teaching a class doesn’t mean that you can’t learn something from your students.

What are your educator goals?

I want to continue expanding my creativity behind the chair and be able to bring new information to students and inspire them.

What new skill would you like to learn?

I want to become a better braider. When I was coming up in the industry, braiding wasn’t “cool.” Now it’s everywhere and here to stay!

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