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Meet Bryan Reed, December Educator of the Month


How’d you get your start in education?

I always told my instructors in hair school I was going to be a platform artist. When I'm on stage it's like I'm in a different world!

What’s your favorite product from Brazilian and/or Leaf & Flower?

Brazilian Professionals - Ionic Bonding Spray
Leaf & Flower - the NEW Curl Cream

What's the newest, freshest approach you're bringing to education?

Bringing back to the basics! Unfortunately, with everything we have had to battle in the last few years, I think we all forget the attention to detail.

What do most classes have questions on?

How to become an educator.

What are your educator goals?

To help improve the existing stylist and to always come prepared to share all my knowledge and experience.

Whose your biggest mentor?

Thomas Schiavone - he is my Global Training Director. He always pushes me to be the best trainer I can be. He always goes the extra mile to make sure I'm in full understanding of what's expected for everything. He's an amazing leader!

Where do you find your inspiration?

 Social media and the future stylist.

What is the most rewarding part about educating?

I love training stylists on how to make more money and watching the light bulb go off for everyone. The most rewarding class is when the entire group has gotten a full understanding of all of our treatments. 

What is a word of advice that you have for new stylists?

Be open to change!

How do you like to spend your days off?

With my friends, family, and our fur babies Christian and Dior.

Favorite pick-me up in the middle of a busy salon day?

A flavored Red Bull on ice.

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