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Meet Belinda Benham, Featured Educator for December 2020


Belinda Benham, Hotheads Educator, is our December Educator of the Month for 2020.

Have you been able to teach during the pandemic? How has that changed?

Yes, I’ve been teaching a ton of Zoom classes. I’m glad to be able to continue teaching, but I really miss going into other salons and teaching in-person. Learning extensions over Zoom is a lot harder for people who haven’t seen or been around extensions.

After everything with Covid settles down, what are you most looking forward to doing?

I’m looking forward to traveling again, and possibly even opening another salon!

What do you expect to see for hair trends in the New Year? Do you feel like the pandemic has influenced that at all?

The pandemic has definitely had an influence on what people are going to be looking for going into the New Year. Since we are now so limited on what we can do, I feel like people are wanting to spend more on their hair.

We’re also now in a time when people are focusing on above-the-shoulder beauty—hair, makeup, jewelry, etc.—because people are staring at themselves in virtual meetings all day. From my perspective, I’m seeing more interest in hair extensions than ever before.

People are gravitating toward low-maintenance, lived-in looks in light of the pandemic, but there are also those that, for the first time in a long time, can be a little more bold with their hair, because they’re working from home. Because of this, I expect to see more clients getting into fun colors, like the Color Effects Fantasy Extensions.

What do you typically see people looking for with their hair going into the holidays and New Year?

I typically see a lot of full sets during the holidays; people are wanting to look their best for the holiday festivities.

Are you doing anything special for your hair going into the holidays and the New Year?

Getting more extensions, of course!

Are there any Hotheads products you’ve been working with lately that you absolutely love? Or any products you feel like are going to be especially popular over the holidays?

HYDRATE deep conditioning mask: Everyone needs it, especially as we go into the colder months. Extensions need that extra moisture with the drier air.

Do you have any Christmas traditions (or foods) you’re looking forward to?

My mom told me we have to binge watch all the Hallmark movies. We usually keep it to two on Christmas Eve, but this year, I guess we’re watching them all.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

My New Year’s resolution is to stick to a lighter schedule so I can slow down and focus more on filming Instagram tutorials. I always tend to book over my blocks of time, but I really need to commit to it this year.

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