The NEW Molecular Repair Hair Oil From K18!


Fight frizz from within with a damage control oil that strengthens while it smooths for immediate and long-term frizz control. The new Molecular Repair Hair Oil from K18 is a biotech-engineered weightless oil that works on all hair types to strengthen, repair damage, reduce frizz at two levels of the hair fiber, and improve shine. Experience the hype that everyone is talking about with this new oil!

This silicone-free oil fights frizz differently by addressing the damage that causes frizz long-term and immediately smoothing frizz + flyaways.

Major talking points for your Salon:

  1. Reverses frizz-causing damage: works at the molecular level to repair damaged hair, which is more susceptible to frizz
  2. Reduces frizz + flyaways: natural oils work on the surface of the hair to smooth the cuticle + soften without weighing hair down
  3. Enhances shine + color vibrancy: nourished, moisturized hair reflects higher shine and boosts color dimension
  4. Delivers heat protection: to prevent further frizz-causing damage up to 450°F

Why does it work?

  • K18PEPTIDE™ penetrated into the hair to reverse damage and promote long-term strength + smoothness
  • Sunflower Oil, Hemisqualane, and Squalane reinforce hair’s natural moisture barrier to immediately reduce frizz and enhance shine
  • Avocado Oil has one of the highest smoke points and helps provide 450°F heat protection on dry hair
How to use the K18 molecular repair service:

Oil will be applied after the K18 molecular repair service. Apply PRO mist, then PRO mask, and finish with molecular repair hair oil on damp and dry hair.

Begin with PRO Molecular repair hair mist:
  1. Mist dry hair with water (do not saturate)
  2. Section hair in 4 quadrants
  3. For 300ml mist, apply 4-9 sprays per quadrant. For 150ml mist, apply 6-12 sprays per quadrant of the K18 PRO mist, based on hair length and density. Hair should feel slightly damp
  4. Let sit for 4 minutes (do not rinse out)
  5. Dry hair if needed, then perform color or lightening service and process as usual.

Apply the PRO molecular repair hair mask:

  1. Shampoo (do not condition) and towel dry thoroughly
  2. Apply 1-3 pumps of K18 PRO mask, depending on length, thickness, and condition. Work evenly into hair from ends to roots, one pump at a time
  3. Let sit for 4 minutes (do not rinse out)

Finish with the molecular repair hair oil:

  1. Apply 1-3 drops of Molecular Repair Hair Oil to damp hair, starting at the ends and working upward through the midlengths
  2. Wait 4 minutes. Style as usual
  3. Apply an additional 1-3 drops of Molecular Repair Hair Oil to dry hair as a finisher

Try the new K18 Molecular Repair Hair Oil today!!