Compare and Contrast: KEVIN.MURPHY Curl Products


Do a lot of your clients have curly hair that needs some assistance in the management department?! It is important to find the right hair care products to enhance and define natural texture. That's where KEVIN MURPHY comes in.

The brand has a range of products designed to suit different hair types and textures, including five products that are particularly well-suited for enhancing waves, curls, and coils: KILLER.CURLS, KILLER.WAVES, MOTION.LOTION, EASY.RIDER, and now KILLER.TWIRLS. KEVIN MURPHY himself describes the new curl product, KILLER.TWIRLS, as “a nourishing, curl refining and smoothing, air-dry crème designed to enhance and define your hair that leaves your hair feeling soft and hydrated. You can apply KILLER.TWIRLS to wet hair as a foundation product or on damp hair as your final step in your routine. You can either finger rake or twist as desired⁠.” In this post, we'll explore the differences between each product to help you determine which one is right for your client’s hair.


KILLER.TWIRLS is KEVIN MURPHY’s NEWEST curl product on the market! A curl-defining cream that provides hold and definition to wavy or curly hair. It is designed to be used on damp hair and can be scrunched into curls or twisted around your finger to create defined coils. The formula contains a blend of natural ingredients, including Shea Butter, Organic Oat Milk, and oil extracts, that work together to keep the hair hydrated, protect against humidity, and add shine. This product provides a flexible hold and is perfect for enhancing natural curls or creating bouncy, defined ringlets. Just twirl and go!


MOTION.LOTION is designed to enhance curls and get frizz under control. KEVIN MURPHY’S weightless, highly absorbent treatment lotion is super-charged with beneficial ingredients to deliver flexible hold, and natural-looking shine. MOTION.LOTION is the secret to defining loose, soft waves with flexible hold in long or fine hair. The added bonus of super-charged nourishing oils boosts natural-looking shine as you twist and twirl into hair.


This is one killer anti-frizz curl definer. KILLER.CURLS, KEVIN MURPHY’s antioxidant rich, leave-in anti-frizz defining crème, helps to activate curls while adding essential moisture to throw out the frizz. Curls look and feel natural and soft, as KILLER.CURLS delivers the ideal balance of strong hold and elasticity to the hair. Put the bounce back into your clients’ sad curls and fight frizz with a carefully selected blend of highly resilient Australian Fruit Extracts, Aloe Vera and Baobab Seed Oil. The result is in the name…KILLER.CURLS.


KILLER.WAVES is a weightless curl enhancer for fine wavy or curly hair that leaves hair feeling thicker. Infused with Baobab Seed Extract to increase shine and elasticity for beautiful, bouncy KILLER.WAVES. This spray helps to define and separate waves while reducing frizz. It is the perfect part in a daily product routine. Let your clients experience embracing their hair’s natural texture.


EASY.RIDER is a defining anti-frizz crème designed to de-frizz and activate curl. Full of antioxidants and minerals, it provides the nourishment of a treatment as it delivers smoother, sleeker styles with flexible hold. Easy does it with this defining anti-frizz crème for all hair types that treats the hair as you style it, improves moisture, and elasticity. (P.S. this was KEVIN MURPHY’s first product ever made!)

Each of Kevin Murphy's hair care products are designed to suit a different hair type and texture, so it's important to choose the right product for your client’s hair. Whether they have thick, curly hair or fine, wavy hair, there's a Kevin Murphy product that's perfect for enhancing your client’s natural texture and helping you achieve your desired look. So, make sure you are having the right conversations with your clients and take the time to experiment with different products and find the one that works best! Check out KEVIN MURPHY’s selection of curl products on our webstore!