Let’s See Your Best Firecracker Hair for Premier Beauty’s First Annual Summer Hair Contest


It’s official: summer is here! Enjoying warm weather, spending time with friends and family, and creating life-long memories are just some of our favorite parts of this “gone-too-soon” season. Something we also love about the summer? Finding out what hair trends are here to stay for the next couple of months. So, what’s the hair trend of Summer 2020 that #teamPremier is most excited about? Well, in the words of Katy Perry, “baby, you’re a firework. Come on let your colors burst,”.

We’re all seeing fireworks this year, which means vivid, fashion colors are here to stay for the season. Whether it’s powder blue, bright red, or a multi-shaded pink, we are living for the innovative bright colors that stylists are creating for their clients. In fact, we’re so excited that we made Premier Beauty’s First-Annual Summer Hair Contest a firecracker theme, to see what our stylists/salons can really do with bright, bold shades.

Need some extra inspiration to get the sparks flying? Check out some of the looks that were created using our brands’ permanent and semi-permanent hair products, that will be sure to leave your clients seeing fireworks.

Money Piece but Make It Rainbow

Everyone loves a bright and bold money piece when they’re giving their clients a gorgeous, hand-painted balayage. So why not switch it up and make it multi-colored? This mermaid face frame was created using Alfaparf Milano’s rEvolution and Evolution of Color Harmonizers color tubes. This line celebrates the power of color and the ability to personalize every client’s look with ease of direct placement.

Here’s how Alfaparf Milano’s National Artistic Director, Cassie Siskovic, created this look:

Pre-Tone: Evolution of Color Harmonizers (15g) .02 + (15g) .013 + (60g) 20 Vol. Oxido

High Contrast melt formulas (in order from top to bottom): rEvolution Pastel Peach Quartz, rEvolution (1/2) Pastel Lemonade + (1/2) Yellow, rEvolution (20g) Clear + (6g) Pure Green, rEvolution Pastel Spring Lavender, rEvolution Pastel Sweet Pink.

Unicorn Envy

This hairstylist really did work their magic! This unicorn-inspired look seems like it has been taken right out of a fairytale and we cannot seem to look away. This color was created using Aloxxi’s ULTRA HOT Fashion Color tubes in the shades Midnight in Milan and La Dolce Violet. With easy-to-use, intermixable shades, this fashion color line offers endless possibilities for gorgeous looking hair.

Bubble Gum Beauty

Now this is what happens when your clients can’t decide what color they want to go with. This bubble gum twist looks as sweet as can be and is perfect for a fun, memorable summer look. Created using Keune Hair Cosmetic’s Color Chameleon Direct Hair Dyes, this gorgeous look is here to stay, and we are LIVING for it!

Here’s how you can recreate this look in your salon:

Root fade : 15g Violet + 5g Dark + 2g Magenta + 33g Clear

Darker blue : 10g Blue + 20g Clear

Teal : 2g Blue + 0.5g Green + 30g Clear

Pink Roots : 10g Magenta + 50g Clear

Pink ends : 0.5g Magenta + 1g Rose + 45g Clear

Modern Day Little Mermaid

Even as an adult, a major hair icon that continues to be in everyone’s lives is the famous Little Mermaid’s. There was always something about Ariel’s long, coral hair that always seemed to give us all major hair envy. That’s why when we saw KEVIN.MURPHY’s, Leland Joel Olson’s, creation of this red-haired goddess, our jaws instantly dropped. Using COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, Leland created this look by mixing tones of coral, copper, pink and red. Specifically, he mixed 11.0 + CLEAR + 7.64 + YELLOW + RED + CREAM.ACTIVATOR 10 Vol.

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