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Alfaparf Milano’s New PEOPLE Collection Inspired by Global Beauty


PEOPLE: Global Beauty for Connected People focuses on the ubiquity of beauty across all cultures and ethnicities. The campaign is divided into four facets of global understanding, each featuring one carefully selected color formulation and two unique looks:

• Love Women
• Believe in Roots
• Dream Big
• Like it Hot

Love Women

Free-spirited. Confident. Empowered. Love Women pays homage to women’s rights movements with a rose coral color paired with a bold, short cut.

Glossy pomade and sea spray achieve a perfectly undone style for look one, while look two is sassy and confident, courtesy of Style Stories Wax Spray.

 Check out the Love Women looks:

Believe in Roots

Believe in Roots is all about embracing where we come from and being true to ourselves. The ruby brown color formulation accentuates natural beauty with gorgeous earth tones.

Look one uses sea spray and Style Stores Vintage Powder for moldable, matte texture. Gel and hairspray combine for look two to create a more polished, yet vibrant style.

See the Believe in Roots looks:

Dream Big

Dream Big is about innovation, simplicity, and discovering what’s hidden in plain sight.

Layered perfection combined with ultraviolet tones hint at simple beauty that hides a powerful underlying complexity.

Blow-dry cream and hairspray give look one a soft, but strong style. Look two uses Style Stories Texturizing Dry Shampoo and Vintage Powder for an edgy, fearless look.

 See the Dream Big looks:

Like it Hot

Like it Hot is all about fun!

Gorgeous blonde color from Evolution of the Color Cube and a shoulder-length cut with bangs show off the sexiness and irony in today’s woman.

The tousled beach waves in look one are created with sea spray and hairspray, while blow-dry cream gives look two a sleek, unstoppable look.

See the Like it Hot looks:

Alfaparf Milano’s new PEOPLE collection is a much-needed reminder that beauty crosses all borders, cultures, and ethnicities. Watch the videos featured above to stay up to date on the latest style and color choices, and shop the hottest Alfaparf Milano products on Premier Beauty!

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