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Meet Annika Zepeda, May Educator of the Month


When stylists collaborate with each other, everyone wins. We love ColorProof Artistic Specialist Annika Zepeda’s attitude when it comes to tackling hairstyles behind the chair. Her confident approach is why we’ve selected her as Premier Beauty’s May Educator of the Month!

What’s your favorite product from your brand?

Texture Charge - I love it because it’s so versatile. It works like a texturizing finishing spray. I use it to amp up a blowout and I also add it to braids. I have a lot of clients who want big hair and don’t want to tease it. This gives volume at the root without all that backcombing.

PureRelease - I recommend this to clients who are against using products. The detangler has heat protectant, so even if clients aren’t willing to use a bunch of products, they can at least get some heat protection.

What's the newest, freshest approach you're bringing to education?

My main goal is to give stylists tools they can actually use behind the chair. I hate going to classes and not having anything to chew on or edge my business. I’ve been doing a lot of braids. My favorite class to teach right now is Foundations, Fusions, and Braids, which demonstrates formal styling and updos for weddings and proms.

When it comes to updos, a lot of clients will bring in a picture and stylists get overwhelmed because they’re seeing it as a whole. Take a deep breath and prioritize the first thing you need to do to achieve the style. Be realistic with your clients. You either can or you can’t do the style. Tell them that and portray confidence when you do it.

What are the common problems faced by stylists today?

They need to collaborate more! If you can collaborate with someone, they might have been in a situation you haven’t been in and will be able to help.

Stylists may think they’ll make the client feel uncomfortable if they ask the stylist next to them how to handle a certain style. In my experience, clients are never skeptical when you do that, they always think it’s cool. Plus, bumping ideas off each other as stylists in the salon means you have six people working on your hair, not just one, which means the end result is better.

Any advice for educators?

Be confident and know what you want. Really, is that all that bad? Dust yourself off and try again. For so long, I put off doing the educator thing because I thought I wasn’t ready. Now, I’m asking myself, what if I would’ve done this two years ago? Everybody has something to offer at every step of their journey.

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