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Meet Christina Albamonte, March Educator of the Month


Christina Albamonte, Brand Ambassador for Unite, has a unique skill set as an educator. As a former beauty school teacher and now a full-time stylist, she takes a keen interest in developing the skills in others and also relates to stylists working behind the chair. Her dedication to education is why we’ve selected her as Premier Beauty’s March Educator of the Month!

What’s your favorite product from Unite?

Texturiza, because I love volume. Between stylists and clients, we can’t keep it on the shelves. It’s more of a dry spray—it gives you that grit. I use it for creating beachy waves. You lift the hair up and spray underneath.

What do you love about Unite?

Our CEO is a hairstylist himself. Nobody knows us like we do. We always feel like we’re heard.

What's the newest, freshest approach you're bringing to education?

I try to be as prepared as possible so I can modify my services for each client. If a client’s hair changes, you have to go through a process of elimination—medicine, menopause, pregnancy, stress—to find out what’s happening. That’s how my client found out they were pregnant. I was waxing her eyebrows and her skin broke out. She said the last time she had this reaction was when she was pregnant. We both looked at each other and freaked out!

What are the common problems faced by stylists today?

People watching online tutorials and believing everything they read online. I’m always fighting against social media and the editing of pictures. I try to be nice, but blunt when I say that their request is not possible.

Any advice for educators?

Try not to take things so personally. We’re all on the same side. I’ve taught stylists that were stylists before I was born. It’s about having the self-confidence to tell yourself, “I know what I’m doing.”

What’s the next skill you want to cross off your list?

Personally, getting more managerial skills. I’d love to travel more. As a stylist, you get into a funk where every day is groundhog day. Seeing new things and attending new classes re-inspires you. I’d love to rediscover my passion for updos.

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