Why the Most Followed Instagram Stylists Depend on b3


Photo via @mustafaavci on Instagram.
Photo via @mustafaavci on Instagram.
The top hairstylists use b3 Brazilian Bond Builder for mostly every service. The additive protects hair during multiple lightening services that are needed to achieve the striking hair seen on their Instagrams. Learn more from top stylists on why the use b3, available at Premier Beauty

You need something like b3 to control your cuticle. It helps in my field of wanting to lift and be an extreme stylist without having to worry about damage and destroying my clients’ beautiful hair.

-Rickey Zito, @hairgod_zito, 425k followers

I feel like the internal structure is being fortified and strengthened and I feel like you really see it immediately, too. It’s a one-stop shop. You’re getting everything you need as an additive.

-Rebecca Taylor, @rebeccataylorhair, 512k followers

I use b3 on all my extensions when I process them and when I color them. The result is always very polished and smooth, and this is what I care about most.

-Mustafa Avci, @mustafaavci, 444k followers

 It allows me to push the hair to the limit. In some cases, I need to lighten the hair multiple times in one session. And b3 ensures the hair will stay together while I do these processes.

-Linh Phan, @bescene, 299k followers

I use b3, and they see results right after. And I don’t have to sell the product to them. They’re like, “What the heck did you use in my hair? I want this!” They want to buy it without me trying to sell it. That’s what b3 does.

-Laura Kaszoni, @lalasupdos, 394k followers

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