Tips & Tricks to Achieve the Perfect Brazilian Blowout


If you want to be a six-figure stylist, consider these main tips and tricks to achieve the perfect blowout, as told by Alfredo Lewis, Global Director of Education for Brazilian Blowout.

Consultation is huge.

Take your clients hair into consideration. Look at their hair. I do four to five Brazilian Blowouts a week, and I cannot remember the last time that I used 450 degrees since a lot of my clients have color on their hair and highlights. When clients have highlights, their hair is going to be a lot more porous. You can get it as smooth as possible by using only 430 degrees. You don’t always need to go up to 450. Questions to ask: Do you swim? How often do you wash your hair? If a client washes their hair every day, I am going to really recommend they use the Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner every day and that they masque their hair two to three times a week. The more you wash your hair, the faster the product is going to leave the hair.

Less is more.

There’s a misconception that the solution should be applied like color or other smoothing treatments. Being amino acid-based, you don’t need to use as much product at all. It’s important to keep the product on the hair. You’re applying it to wet hair, and if you apply too much, you’re going to have a lot more burn off, meaning the solution is not staying on the hair.

Save time & money with Ionic Cleanser.

With the Anti-Residue Shampoo, you had to do four to five shampoos to really cleanse the hair. Now with the new Ionic Cleanser, I find with 90% of clients you only need to cleanse once. It’s working with a charge - like a magnet - pulling all the residue out of the hair, so stylists are saving 10-20 minutes per treatment. It’s saving time, but also ensuring the results. A lot of stylists don’t have the time to do multiple shampoos, so maybe you do two when you really should have done five. The Ionic Cleanser is one wash, and it opens up the cuticle. They’re getting smoother results. And of course, time is money.

Always use a boar bristle brush.

Metal brushes can cause the product to burn off the hair. It’s not staying due to the heat from the metal. You always want to take your blow-dryer on medium heat, keeping the nozzle two inches away from the hair. The key is to maintain the solution on the hair.

After care is a must.

Without using the Brazilian Blowout aftercare, you are not going to get the full three months out of the treatment. The aftercare has all the nutrients, so they are actually replenishing the amino acids – Açai Berry, Annatto, Camu Camu is what we call the Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex. My tip is to always get the Brazilian Blowout Masque (step 3), which has the highest concentration of all the elements in it, so they’re going to get the most replenishment. A lot of clients just use the after care too, without the treatment to help with their frizz, but it is on a more temporary level. It only lasts until the end of the day or when they shampoo their hair again. Daily Smoothing Serum is a must-have product for summer and with clients that like to swim. It’s UV/UVA protectant, and it protects against salt water and chlorine. Suggest clients going to swim or going to the beach to wet their hair and then comb the product through.

 Bundle after care into the service, because it really is important to maintain the life of the Brazilian Blowout. I incorporate it into the price and then present 
it to the client as a FREE shampoo and conditioner.

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