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Meet Saro Azizian, February Educator of the Month


How long have you been educating?

Since 2000. Altogether, it’s going to be 16 years. I’ve been working with Alfaparf for one year.

Why did you become an educator?

It was based on my love of sharing information. I love what I do and I love to share. There is no such thing as a secret formula. The only secret is your talent and nobody can copy that for you. Your talent is what makes you different.

I don’t teach, I share my information. I was passionate and fortunate enough that I was able to become an educator. To be able to share with those that don’t have that opportunity is my joy. When they leave and say they can really use my information, it brings so much joy to me. That really keeps me going.

What do you love about Alfaparf Color?

It’s expanded my creativity. I can get whatever I want from it, without hesitation. It’s not going to disappoint me.

I love the variety of colors and what it delivers. As a colorist, the integrity of the hair is the No.1 thing I’m concerned about, specifically how the color affects the integrity of the hair. I want clients to look beautiful and also feel that the hair’s integrity is beautiful.

With this color line, I can get both and I don’t have to worry about it because of the 3-D technology. The color molecules are very tiny so you don’t need to blow up the cuticle as much and the hyaluronic acid in the color also protects the integrity of the hair.

Favorite color trend?

Anything and everything. The trend is hair color that looks nice on you, nothing more, nothing less. It needs to work on you and accentuate your personality. You can’t force it.

Any advice for those wanting to become an educator?

Do it. There’s a lot this industry has to offer. As an educator, you get exposed to a lot of brands. It makes you humble.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Listen. It’s the No. 1 thing for me. When I listen, there’s a lot I can detect from what they’re saying. I’m not there to teach, I’m there to answer their questions and show how it’s supposed to be done. When you listen and hear the problem, you can more easily share with them and teach them what they want to learn.

It’s all about how you set up the mood in your class. When you put them at ease, they will absorb more than if they’re intimidated. I like to see joking, laughing and learning—I’m a hairdresser that likes to have fun.

Where can we see your work?

On Facebook at Saro’s Hair Studio and Spa and on Instagram at Saro’s Hair Studio.

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