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5 Tips to Preserve Hair Color


Instagram sparked an explosion of new techniques and styles for hair color, with looks coming out by the second for pastels, vivids, color melts and balayages. These bold colors—and all color for that matter— can fade fast if they aren’t cared for properly, which is why teaching customers how to keep their color beyond the chair is crucial. Consider this your cheat sheet of talking points for hair color maintenance.

1. Rinse with Cold Water

Keep water temperature the coldest you can stand when rinsing hair in the shower. This may seem a tad bit torturous, but ensure clients that this method is the best way to preserve color on days where they do need to wash their hair. Hot water only opens the hair cuticle, stripping color and dye from the surface, which means their dollars are going down the drain.

2. Use Dry Shampoo Instead of Washing

New BLEND Refreshing Spray is a dry shampoo that freshens up roots and absorbs oil so clients can get away with washing their hair less often – a crucial step to preserving hair color. Spray throughout the hair, let it sink in for a minute and brush or run your fingers through to distribute product. Dry shampoo also gives a nice matte effect that looks natural and lived-in.

Keune Blend Refreshing Spray
3. Color-Safe Shampoo is Key

Keune Tinta Color Care Shampoo is the ultimate when it comes to preserving hair color. For this shampoo, Keune took ingredients from their Tinta color line and infused them into the after care products to extend color results even longer. It’s important to use a color-safe, salon-quality shampoo to maintain the health of the hair. If you like the Tinta color line, use the Tinta shampoo and conditioner to lock in UV protection, Silk Proteins and LP300 Color Stabilizers.

Keune Tinta Color Care Shampoo
4. Deep Conditioning Treatments Keep Hair Shiny

Keune Bond Fusion’s Phase 3 Bond Recharger keeps chemically treated hair strong and conditioned long after a salon visit. This nourishing and recharging treatment locks in color and makes sure that the pigment stays as long as possible. It will also keep hair shiny, soft and manageable.

Keune Bond Fusion
5. Avoid Heat as Much as Possible

Color-treated hair is vulnerable. Avoid using blow-dryers, flat irons and curling irons as much as possible. Let hair air dry, but if a blow-dryer is necessary, prep the hair with a heat protectant and keep it on the lowest setting. Keune Care Line Thermal Protector protects the cuticle from heat and prevents dehydration when heat styling.

Coupled together, these small steps make a huge difference in preserving hair color. Login or register at Premier Beauty to purchase products from Keune and provide your clients with the best color maintenance products available.

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