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Meet Meghan Piironen, December Educator of the Month


The ability to adapt to your surroundings is crucial for any stylist. We love Moroccanoil Educator and Freelancer Meghan Piironen’s fresh approach to education and the way she reads her environment to better teach others, which is why we’ve selected her as Premier Beauty’s December Educator of the Month! Congratulations, Meghan!

What’s your favorite product from Moroccanoil?

Root Boost - I like using it when I have to do a bridal or a photo shoot. I prep the hair with it by blow-drying it in.

What's the newest, freshest approach you're bringing to education?

I have my own spin because I spend a lot of my time doing bridal and photo shoots. On shoots, you’re working long hours and you have to do it right. You’re also not doing everyday wear, you have to collaborate with multiple people: designers, photographers, actors, actresses, directors, producers, and wardrobe stylists. It’s a cool team.

What are the common problems faced by stylists today?

When I meet new stylists, they aren’t necessarily willing to grow, which is different than being an educator because you’re surrounding yourselves with people that are open-minded and willing to learn from you. I try to be excited and pumped about what I’m doing. If a class isn’t as excited, I channel that energy and change the way I’m doing things.

What do you want stylists to know about education?

Always observe. You can learn the slightest things from somebody else, even if it’s what you should not do. I’ve learned a lot of things from people doing hair for one year and and people doing hair for 50 years. Keeping an open mind has helped me become a more well-rounded stylist myself, even when it comes to everyday life.

What’s the next skill you want to cross off your list?

I want to see what other cutting techniques Moroccanoil decides to come out with!

What are your educator goals?

My educator goal is to continue growing and to teach more classes. Moroccanoil brings people to fashion week—I’d love to do that. My career goal is to do editorial in well-known fashion magazines—and TV, I have yet to do TV.

Any advice?

I worked with a lot of stylists and I realized they don’t breathe. They get overwhelmed easily. Breathe! We’ve all had that moment, but nobody needs to know we’re having that moment. Take a step back and clean the hairstyle up. You can give up 30 seconds to make sure it’s gonna be perfect.

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