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Detroit Kicks Off the 2015 Premier Style Show


By Erin Gignac
Photo by Mallory Sorenson

Getting an elite group of platform artists in the same place at one time is a special opportunity—almost harder than reuniting the cast of “Friends.”

“It’s a rare opportunity,” said Alex Cohn, Director of Marketing for Premier Beauty.

However, the artists gathered for the Premier Style Show 2015 at MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit April 26-27. Three brands, seven hair artists, and more than 200 other professional stylists attended the high profile event, which brought together education about brands and the hottest trends in cutting, coloring and editorial hairdressing.

“Just because you don’t carry a brand doesn’t mean they don’t have something to offer.”

It’s important to share trends and get the hair community together, simply for the sake of education. Don Bewley, Co-Founder of Eufora International, really set the tone of the whole show during the brand’s demonstration.

“Having the owner of the company on the stage and just being real: that was a highlight,” Cohn said. “Don was loving being onstage.”

This event is just the beginning. Three other Premier Style Shows will take place this year with registration still open for Cleveland, Indianapolis and Chicago, Cohn said.

After the event, a VIP cocktail reception was held in the Casino, where stylists were able to chat with the platform artists that presented at the show. Detroit was a great place to start the year because excitement for the education aspect is really high around there, he said.

“We’ve only been in Michigan for two years and we really wanted to bring our clients together and begin to build a community. It was like the ‘coming out’ party for Premier, and it was a blast.”

To register for the Cleveland, Indianapolis or Chicago Premier Style Show 2015, visit You can catch more updates from Premier Beauty on Facebook.

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