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Women of Premier - Favorite Products


As we celebrate Premier Beauty Supply’s 34th year in business we thought it would be the perfect time to highlight some of the incredible women that help drive Premier’s success. In fact, 70% of management positions at Premier Beauty are held by women!

With this level of girl power, we had no doubt that we would receive some powerful, thoughtful, and downright humorous responses to questions about their experiences working at Premier.

In this series, our amazingly talented women share their FAVORITE brands & products that Premier offers…. we have no doubt some of your favorites are featured!

“Do you have a favorite brand/product that Premier carries? If so what is it and why? ” 

Mikele Dexter our Purchasing Manager told us that she “would love to be able to answer this but it is just not possible. My bathroom is a variety of all Premier's product that I cocktail together."

Stephanie Lee from Human Resources said that “ELEVEN Australia and Brazilian Blowout are amazing! Eleven has a great leave-in that refreshes my hair and I love Brazilian's new Anti-Aging kit. It made my hair so soft and smooth! It can be used for all ages. :) Keune's Style Spray Wax is also a favorite for keeping my curls and flyaways in place without making my hair feel crispy."

Account Executive Wendy Chacon: said “At the moment I am loving the Moroccan Oil Color depositing mask. It leaves the hair feeling silky, smells incredible, and keep my color fresh." 

Account Executive Lynda Conway: is a self-professed “total product junky” “I love Hemp beauty roller balls, Le Play hair spray, Ethica shampoo, Milbon restorative blowout primer, and Milbon thickening spray!" 

Our Beyond Beauty Graphic Designer Kylee Leahy jumps at the opportunity to talk about Eleven Australia. “Without a doubt, Eleven Australia is my Favorite.” “I love the smell of every product and how it makes my hair feel/look.”

When asked about favorite brands, Account Executive Kristin Forbes quickly answered “I love Kevin Murphy, it has been a well-respected brand in the industry. I also love the mission of Eleven and its inclusivity." 

Account Executive, Jennifer Lowe is "completely obsessed with K18. It’s a game changer for our industry, and for my abused hair!!" 

So how about you? What are your favorite brands & products? We would love to hear your feedback as well!

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