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In-Store and Online Marketing Ideas for a Blowout Holiday Season


As summer winds down and fall approaches, it’s time to start thinking about holiday retail promotions. The holidays are a major opportunity for retail sales, with the potential to add significant revenue to the books. But coming up with fresh ideas every year can be daunting. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of marketing techniques for a successful retail program this season.

In-Salon Activities

There are a ton of ways to encourage product sales within the salon. From displays and deals to stocking stuffers and contests, use the ideas below to kickstart retail sales. Customers love to see something unexpected, so don’t be afraid to get creative and put a twist on things to make an impression!


Holiday displays are a must for retail products and are an excellent way to get customers in the holiday spirit. Create festive window and in-salon displays to draw in new clients and excite those walking through the door. Showcase products in festive settings and incorporate the visual theme throughout the salon for a cohesive look that keeps clients in the holiday mindset. Pro tip: Don’t just use the designated retail space; sprinkle product displays and promotional materials throughout the salon for an immersive experience.


Make retail purchases more attractive by offering special discounts, deals, and other incentives. Use themes such as The Twelve Days of Christmas for inspired promotions. Other ideas include:

Two for You, One for Me

Two for you, one for me deals are a great way to drive sales. They let clients feel good about crossing someone off their gift list, while also being able to indulge themselves. These deals are a win-win for everyone!


Use gift card promotions to upsell services and retail purchases. For example, get a $10 gift card when you spend $50 or more; spend $150 and receive a $25 gift card, and so on. Deals like these are double hitters, because they encourage additional spending at the time of purchase, while also bringing in business down the road.

Stocking Stuffers

Everyone loves little goodies that they can use as fillers and last-minute gifts. Offer discounts on multiples, or combine items as stocking stuffers for easy gifting.

Contests & Freebies

Incentivize retail sales with contests or giveaways. Enter customers into a drawing when they spend $100 or more or put together mystery gift bags to give out with purchases over a certain dollar amount to entice clients into buying.

Branded Deals

A lot of brands will put together pre-packaged holiday deals that offer value not only to the client but to the salon as well. Be sure to check with your salon product distributor to see if they are running any seasonal deals.

Social Media Promotions

Social media is already an excellent platform for promoting the salon. Boost retail sales during the holidays by ramping up engagement online with the following ideas.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a diverse marketing medium for any time of year. During the holidays, use it to include online followers in salon celebrations and events, seasonal salon decor, and more. Or, try coming up with holiday hair looks featuring retail products and use Facebook Live to show how to create the look.


As a visual platform, Instagram is the perfect online outlet for promoting retail products during the holidays. Get festive with photos of products set among different holiday items, or feature party looks and holiday-themed hair. Don’t forget those hashtags!

Promote, Promote, Promote

Share posts across different social media platforms for maximum visibility. Experiment with paid advertising on Facebook to reach a more targeted audience or boost post visibility for high-performing content.

Social media posts should be consistent with in-salon promotions. However, online platforms can also add value to existing promotions through curated content such as gift guides, wrapping ideas, or quick party looks.

Tying It All Together

Between in-salon activities and social media, there is considerable potential for boosting retail sales throughout the season. Remember to keep messaging consistent and follow the tips below for a truly cohesive retail marketing program.

Get Everyone Involved

Let staff know what the goals are for the holiday season and how they can help meet those objectives. Consider incentives for staff to participate, such as a top-seller prize or commission on sales.

Make It Easy

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone. Make retail products even more easy for gifting by offering gorgeous gift bags, gift-wrap services, or making up holiday-themed gift baskets.

A smart and well-executed retail marketing program can substantially add to the bottom line during the holidays, but it takes a little work to make a significant impact. Use beautiful displays, exclusive deals, in-salon promotions, and social media techniques to push retail sales both in and outside of the salon.

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