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How Salon Interactive Can Help You During COVID-19


Salon Interactive

Retail Sales from home has been made easy for our Salon and Stylist Partners. Simply create your FREE account with us at … and promote your retail products to your clients. Show them how they can support you and get a mini salon experience in the privacy of their homes.

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Explain why these products are good for them to use. Why is a hair masque great for their hair? Why should they use color depositing masques? What will it do for their hair care? Is there a specific way they should wash their extensions? Essential employees washing every day, does this disrupt their oil base or scalp? Which retail products should they use to help them until they get to see you.

Promote your business, but also show the value you provide to your customers. By giving them information on products and sharing with them where they can buy it and how they can support you will give a taste of the relationship that they miss with you. Everyone walks out of a salon feeling beautiful and like a million bucks when their hair is styled by their favorite stylist. Give them that feeling during this difficult time and make them want to support you more.

Products to Promote

Not sure what to do? No problem! We have created beautiful shareable images and post content for you.

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Quickly download these images and start to post each day on social media platforms while explaining to your clients what products they should use, why they should use them and how this is supporting you during this unprecedented time.

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