Fun Ways to Experiment With the New Aloxxi InstaBoost Color Conditioning Masques


Life is too short for clients to have dull hair. Color conditioners are perfect for people that want a fun color for a week or two and those clients that just can’t stick with one shade for too long. We know that once clients go “unicorn” or try a small streak or two, they’ll want to experiment with a range of different fashion colors.

Stylists, change is good. Clients want variety, so keep it interesting with the new Aloxxi InstaBoost Color Conditioning Masques! We have all eight shades at Premier Beauty!

Use the masques to create intense colors on platinum to blonde hair, give a hint of pigment to dark blonde and light brown hair, or refresh previous hair color, whether it’s natural or not. Try these hair coloring methods—and encourage them to experiment when washing their hair at home.

Double Up

Mix and match colors for a custom experience. Blend the masques together in a mixing bowl or experiment with applying one color all over, rinsing, and then applying the other color masque, and rinsing again.

Encourage them to take two masques home and experiment with the color combinations to customize their shade.

Try Colors on Brown Hair

Yes, Aloxxi InstaBoost gives a hint of pigment to light brown hair and stands out even more if the client has a few highlights. Good as Rose Gold is a pretty color to experiment with, and will impart a rose gold tone if the customer in your chair has some lightened pieces. Intense colors like Fireball Red, True Blue, and Purple Reign would be a good place to start if clients are looking for a hint of color without any bleaching.

Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate

For clients with blonde hair, experiment with applying more masque to certain strips, and less to others. This gives a multi-dimensional effect that makes curls, braids, or updos pop.


Hidden Hair Color

Underlights are a trend that hides a fun hair color underneath a top layer of natural hair color—perfect for clients that need work-appropriate strands. However, the washing process may get tricky for those clients. Their bleached section containing the fashion colors doesn’t need as much washing (and needs more deep conditioning) than the natural hair. They are the perfect candidate for Aloxxi InstaBoost Color Conditioning Masques. They can keep their strip of color looking fresh, with no fading and no more cold showers!

Aloxxi InstaBoost Color Conditioning Masques are the ticket to getting clients excited about sitting in the chair. Pick up all eight versatile colors at Premier Beauty. Find out more about Aloxxi on their website

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