Start Selling Retail to Non-Buyers with Loma


Only 2 out of 10 clients buy a hair product when they visit the salon. That means 8 out of 10 customers have never bought a bottle of anything, said Loma’s founder.

The main reason why clients don’t purchase comes down to price point, Loma Founder David Hanen said. This is why, 25 years ago, his company made the decision to manufacture everything in-house to focus on quality at a reasonable price. Cutting out the middlemen allowed Loma to not only control what went into their products but also cut down on multiple markups as products moved from conception to distribution.

Loma continues to manufacture their own products in a 40,000 square-foot facility outside Seattle, Washington. It’s remained an internal operation—and it’s working.

Starting January 2017, Premier Beauty has made Loma’s range of products available. The line helps salons help themselves by speaking directly to consumers in-salon with straightforward, approachable, on-shelf branding and marketing.

Motivating Un-Buyers to Purchase

“We’re going after the un-buyer in the salon,” Hanen said. “We don’t compete with the high-end brands. We compete with the grocery store brands.”

To entice “un-buyers” to purchase from the salon instead of the drug store, they’ve launched approachable, client-friendly campaigns, including the giveaway of a free full-size can of hairspray with the purchase of a shampoo and conditioner—all for $32.

“We’re teaching the next generation of hairdresser how and why to retail, because they come out of school not retailing,” Hanen said.

Retailing in the salon brings in an extra $500 to $1,500 a month, he said. Loma has a program called President’s Club to incentivize stylists to sell retail products, with campaigns suggesting that salon owners provide an extra $2 in commission for each stylist that sells a 2 for $20 shampoo and conditioner from Loma.

“Salon owners love our brand because we’re helping them overcome their biggest frustration,” he said.

The best part is that it won’t compete with the brands you already have. Loma seeks to bring back the “un-buyers” or those who buy diverted professional hair products.

Loma’s Product Guarantee

At the end of the day, the juice inside the bottle is by far the most important thing. Hanen just finished testing 35 different organic, naturally based fragrances to improve his next batch of product, saying “it has to smell good to sell good.”

“Because we manufacture 100% of our product, we can guarantee what’s inside the bottle,” he said. “There’s simply no one playing in the marketplace that has quality of ingredients at the competitive price point of under $20 retail.”

Their keen insight on quality means they’ve been doing sulfate-free, color-safe and Aloe Vera-based products for 25 years, adhering to the tenets of conscious consumerism that’s now prevalent in the beauty industry. In fact, they were the innovators of using pure organic Aloe Vera gel as the first ingredient in their products, Hanen said.

They’re unique in the fact that they don’t come out with new products every five months. Their packaging is simple and ergonomic, custom molded to fit in the palm of your hand. They are not just a marketing company. They are a manufacturing company as well.

Even the water they use for their products flows from a mountain ravine nine miles away from the facility, purified by evergreen trees. It’s in North America’s cleanest water supply. Clean and pure, their focus on quality product fills a gap in the beauty industry that is one of the main reasons they’re selling so well.

“We’re simple and people like it.”

Purchase Loma, the newest product line at Premier Beauty, and experience the quality products and aromatherapy that this smart brand has to offer.

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