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We all know everyone’s hair is different. Why treat it like it’s the same?

TREAT.ME by KEVIN. MURPHY, available at Premier Beauty, is an in-salon backbar deep-conditioning treatment that’s mixed on the spot for potency and extreme effectiveness.

This treatment system, described by Kevin Murphy as a “facial for hair,” is a great tool to offer after the client consultation as a part of the in-salon ritual. Once a client feels and understands the benefits for their specific hair type, they’ll ask for the treatment on their next visit and will trust your recommendation on receiving the treatment as part of their overall service.

Let’s walk through what separates TREAT.ME from other brands, how to sell it to clients, what the client menu offers and the video resources that go along with TREAT.ME to better familiarize you with the treatment range and its potential for your salon.

How is TREAT.ME Different?

TREAT.ME is unique because the treatments come in highly concentrated serums. A serum accommodates a smaller molecule structure, which allows for better absorption into the hair’s cortex. The ingredients are only mixed directly before application, which preserves their integrity and potency.

If the treatment was already mixed into a tub in mask form, a chemical stabilizer would need to be added, which could take the “life force” from the product and dilute its effectiveness, according to KEVIN.MURPHY.

TREAT.ME contains “Super Proteins” from vegetables and plants to easily penetrate and strengthen the hair shaft and repair damage created by heat styling and chemical services. The treatment makes the hair’s surface supple, elastic and smooth.

What Does the Intro Kit Contain?

The products that make up the TREAT.ME line are the ELIXIR FLACON, MOISTURE CRUET, STRENGTH CRUET and the new THICKENING and ANTI-AGING CRUETS. Think of the ELIXIR FLACON as the catalyst to boost performance of all the CRUETS. Drops of the ELIXIR (1.7 oz.) are added to the single-service CRUETS (0.4 oz.) to activate each treatment. The CRUETS are then snapped into the Spray Pump, applied to the hair and recycled after the treatment.

The Salon Intro from Premier Beauty also contains the ANGEL.MASQUE and HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE Sachets, TREAT.ME Spray Pump, TREAT.ME POS Display and the TREAT.ME Merch Kit, which includes the Client Menu, Vertical Showcard Holder, Technical Manual (for stylists), Mirror Cling and Wall Chart.

Steps to Success with TREAT.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY

1. Utilize visuals and in-salon merchandise to let clients know there is something new from KEVIN.MURPHY.
2. Introduce the KEVIN.MURPHY treatments to the client. Explain the benefits of treatments.
3. Mix the treatment in front of the client at the station then invite the client to the shampoo area for their treatment experience.
4. Apply the treatment to the client’s hair—further explaining the benefits of the treatment (5 mins).
5. Escort the client back to the station and encourage the client to feel his or her hair.
6. Continue with the in-salon service.
7. Offer the client ANGEL.MASQUE or HYDRATE-ME.MASQUE as their take-home product to follow up on maintenance.

The KEVIN.MURPHY Treatment Menu

This client menu is meant to be displayed in your salon or online to showcase the KEVIN.MURPHY treatments available for your clients. When you receive your TREAT.ME kit from Premier Beauty, you’ll also receive copies of this client menu as well as technical manuals to show how to perform each treatment:

KEVIN.MURPHY Treatment Menu

KEVIN.MURPHY Treatment Menu
How to Perform TREAT.ME Services

KEVIN.MURPHY has four videos designed to help you apply the TREAT.ME range. The two first videos demonstrate how to use the CRUETS, while the last two videos explain techniques used during a TREAT.ME service.

Be confident with your knowledge of TREAT.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY. For more information on how to perform TREAT.ME services on your clients, contact your Premier Sales Rep or order the TREAT.ME Salon Intro for an all-encompassing kit to get you started. Log in or register to start shopping the TREAT.ME line on our website.

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