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The Stages of Using Hotel Shampoo, Told Through Memes


By Erin Noha

What you doing? Nothing chilling at the Holiday Inn…with your sad, sad reception desk bottles of shampoo, because you forgot your travel size Extra Volume Shampoo from Moroccanoil. Just for your enjoyment, we've created the stages of using hotel shampoo, told through some funny memes. Enjoy! 

1. Why is the plastic for hotel shampoo bottles so hard? Your mind juggles between thinking you have arthritis and thinking you’re going to be poisoned by BPA.

2. Having to smack the bottle against your palm to get the last measly ounces out.

3. It would be easier to squeeze into a ‘90s Kate Moss dress than it would be to get this shampoo out of the bottle. It seems like half was designed to get stuck inside while the other half was designed to squirt out in a single swooping motion.

4. Half on the floor, half on your hand, you apply the shampoo on your head. Is it sulfate-free or just old? #godbless

5. You’re pretty sure this shampoo was also an oil degreaser in a past life.

6. These bottles aren’t even travel size or sample size. There is literally more bottle than there is shampoo.

7. Then, it happens. You run out.

8. Not really, though; there’s still half of the shampoo stuck in there, which ultimately leads to you lining up the bottle with individual water streams from the shower head, praying that it will come out.

Of course, there are plenty of hotels that have amazing shampoos. Before you travel, make sure you (1) check out the 10 hotel chains with the best beauty amenities and (2) check out Moroccanoil’s selection of travel products at Premier Beauty, guaranteed to keep your hair—and your pride—intact. Happy travels!

Erin Noha covers stories for Premier Beauty. 

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