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How to Position b3 Demi-Permanent Conditioner to All Your Clients


Moisture loss. Environmental Stressors. Age. So many things can affect your hair besides just chemical processes.

The new b3 Demi-Permanent Conditioner is a treatment for all types of hair, which means you can offer the service to every client that sits in your chair, said Dahlia Misho, Midwest Regional Education Manager and Global Educator at Brazilian Professionals.

“My clients tell me that their hair has not felt this way since they were children,” she said.

What was your initial reaction to b3 Demi-Permanent Conditioner

My Initial reaction to the b3 Demi-Permanent Conditioner was that it was too good to be true! I found out quickly that it’s definitely a game changer and performs better than promised.

In a nutshell, the treatment heals hair’s inner and outer structure. The treatment is made up of low-weight and high-weight molecular amino acids. The low-weight acids penetrate deep into the hair and the high-weight amino acids work on the outer layers, creating shine and moisture.


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How can stylists suggest this product to a client?

Stylists can easily suggest this treatment to their clients as it is unlike any conditioning treatment. Not only is it a brand new category that has taken the industry by storm, but it’s truly a game changer.

I mean, wow. A demi-permanent conditioner that has so many benefits and lasts 12 to 15 shampoos? The proof is in the pudding and everyone should try this amazing treatment.

How do you use b3 Demi-Permanent Conditioner?

• Shampoo hair using warm water and then lightly towel dry. Hair should be slightly damp.
• Pump 30 ml/1 oz. (six pumps) b3 Demi-Permanent Conditioner into a clean color bowl. Next, add b3 Brazilian Bond Builder and mix thoroughly. (For short/fine or lightly color treated hair, use 3.5 ml or 1/8 oz. of Bond Builder. For thick/coarse or extra dry and very damaged/chemically treated hair, use 7 ml or 1/4 oz. of Bond Builder.)
• Using an applicator brush, apply product throughout slightly damp hair from root to tip and comb through. Put hair in a plastic cap and place under dryer on medium to high heat for 15 to 20 minutes.
• Lightly rinse using cool water and style as desired.

b3 Demi-Permanent Conditioner
Who is the ideal client?

Anyone with hair on their head is an ideal candidate for this treatment! There’s a misconception that only clients with chemically processed hair need conditioning treatments. People tend to forget about moisture loss, mechanical damage, environmental stressors and aging hair.

What does it do to the hair?

This treatment brings the vitality and youth back to hair.

Anything you’d like to add?

We also have a shampoo, conditioner and reconstructor that are amazing for optimum results. They are what I like to call the “icing on the cake” as they will feed hair with bond building technology.

I am so proud to work for a company that creates products that are nothing short of excellence. We are huge on education and offer complimentary classes where all stylists are welcome.

b3 is always on the cutting edge, creating products that focus on healthy hair. To purchase b3 Demi-Permanent conditioner, log on or register at Premier Beauty.

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