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Five In-Salon Products to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate, which is why supporting the cause in your salon is crucial. Anyone who walks through your door could be affected by the disease.

Pat Glim, Account Executive at Premier Beauty, said she still sorts through mementos from her diagnosis, treatment, relapse and finally, recovery.

“Every time I look at something, it gives me warmth. I’m hoping these products and campaigns will bring out the best in people,” she said.

She was diagnosed two weeks after her friend. However, her friend died around a year later after the cancer came back.

“It was sad to see someone in the prime of their life cut down. It crosses every line,” she said. “I did my first breast cancer awareness event to honor her. That’s how it started.”

Pat began partnering with salons to host breast cancer awareness events, launch campaigns and promote products during the month of October. Fast forward 20 years and she’s still inspired and invigorated to get salons on board for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Lucky for us, she’s sharing her ideas!

Quick Ideas

Hotheads Hair Extensions Snappies in Pink- These snap-in pink hair extensions are the easiest way to jump on board for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They’re for all hair types and easy to apply. A pink hair extension offer is a win-win for everyone because the extensions are reusable and affordable for clients and convenient for salons. All you have to do is order them, display at your front desk and you’re done!

KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.BUG in Pink- This colored hair shadow is quick, convenient and shows up on all hair colors. Take a small strand, press onto the piece of hair and pull through. Done! For extra staying power, use a leave-in spray or pomade on the strand before you apply the hair shadow. Kids love this product. Swipe in the hair for a charge or have clients go home with their own.

RevitaLash Pink Ribbon RevitaLash Advanced- When you go through chemo, you lose your hair, including eyelashes and eyebrows. Survivors can condition their newly growing eyelashes with RevitaLash. Revitalash will donate 10% of the profits to benefit breast cancer awareness, research and education initiatives.

Statement-Making Ideas

Alfaparf Milano Revolution in Pink- If you want to make a statement for breast cancer, this direct color is the way to go. It’s a considerable time and money investment, but definitely has the most staying power. Host a “Go Pink” event in your salon where clients can get pink hair for a donation to your organization of choice. If they don’t want to color their hair pink, how about a mustache or beard? There’s also the option to shave the entire head or donate hair!

Keune Color Craving in Passionate Pink or Pink Flush- This non-committal color conditioner gives the perfect pastel pink that’s really trendy right now. You could do a total head, a pink section or a bleached undercut with the pink conditioner added in. The color lasts four to five shampoos and works best on blonde hair.

Pat said her best events were the ones that featured a large pink ribbon in the front window or a bunch of pink helium balloons in the waiting area of the salon. People would just walk in and donate without wanting any services! Everyone knows what the pink stands for.

Think about life differently and join the journey to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the Premier Beauty team. Purchase any of these products or connect with our team on how you can make an impact in your salon.

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