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Change Your Retail Game with Keune Color Craving


By Erin Noha

What does Keune Color Craving do for an in-salon color business? Absolutely nothing—and that’s a good thing, said a Keune Educator.

However, they will change your retail game for the better. Keune Color Craving is a retail product intended for blonde clients to maintain pastel and vivid hair colors at home.

“It’s basically a color conditioner that allows them to have hair that looks good the entire time between color appointments,” Alicia Dixon, Keune Educator and Co-Founder of Cellar Door Salon & Studio in Chicago, said. “If they don’t have it, it’s your work walking around looking less than what you did.”

In addition to clients who want to maintain their pastel or vivid color, the color conditioner is also perfect for a fun personality change in natural-haired clients. Bright blondes who want a peachy pink hue, dark brunettes who want a pop of color on their balayage highlights and rich redheads who want an extra dose of intense color will love this product.

Offer Color Craving as a service in the salon with a take-home bonus! Apply to a client’s hair during the normal conditioning process and send them home with the rest of the bottle. Make sure to mention that the product isn’t going to last as long as normal color—it’s not the same as direct dye or demi-permanent color.

“This is something to give to clients that won’t drastically alter the color you’ve given them.”

Apply Color Craving every four shampoos—the 5.1 oz. bottle lasts about four applications. This non-permanent hair color (for use on bleach or light blonde hair) is the perfect way for customers to maintain salon-quality color between appointments and for your salon to boost retail sales.

How to Apply Keune Color Craving

• Apply on wet hair so the product distributes evenly.
• Use a mirror to make sure you get every spot.
• Apply section by section.
• Incorporate the conditioner throughout your hair with a wide tooth comb.
• Rinse and enjoy!

Need a little inspiration for your next Color Craving? Check out the Cellar Door Salon & Studio Pinterest Page

Are you ready to change your retail game? Purchase the Keune Color Craving line from Premier Beauty by registering or logging in online.

Erin Noha covers stories for Premier Beauty.

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