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Catching Up with Eufora Co-Founder Don Bewley


By Erin Gignac

Can you talk about what you’ve been doing in New York?
New York City is one of my favorite places on the planet. I thrive on the energy there. Most recently, I spent the week talking to editors about our two new product launches; ElixirONE and Moisture Masque.

What is ElixirONE?
I’m excited about ElixirONE, launching now, because of the new technology it involves and the truly amazing results it delivers. Eufora has a full-time chemist whose primary role is to develop cutting edge products utilizing new and innovative raw materials. We’re very proud of each one of our formulas but this one in particular is a superstar. There are two proprietary ingredient infusions within the ElixirONE™: Damage Cure Complex™ and Vibrant Color Complex™. These two innovative complexes work together synergistically to nurture needy hair in multiple ways, repairing past damage, correcting present deficiencies and shielding every strand against future damage. The results: sexy movement, memory, manageability and vibrancy return to once-porous, dry, lifeless hair.

Do you have any special nicknames for the product?
Funny you ask. When we were working on the name for the product, we asked our product testers to define just what it does to the hair for them. The word “magic” came up every time. It’s hard to describe this product but feeling is believing—after just one use. Clients will call it their “magic potion.”

How big of a part does education play into Eufora’s mission?
Education is the foundation on which Eufora was built. As a company that chooses to serve the salon professional industry, we must dedicate ourselves to the advancement of stylists and salon owners. Eufora offers all levels of advanced education, from local market classes conducted by our Global Team and Regional Educators, to in–salon education and courses at our Advanced Training Academy in California. Eufora has over 300 certified technical, creative and color educators throughout North America. The Eufora YOU School Academy offers 13 advanced training curriculums to support the stylist on their journey to mastery. Education truly is our way of life.

Why is it important to educate stylists and salons?
We know firsthand that to achieve success in the industry requires much more than being great at your skill. You must also understand the “business” aspect of our industry regardless of whether you are behind the chair or running a salon. We believe that “real” education, designed with the salon professional’s success in mind, should be the cornerstone of every product manufacturer that sells in the professional salon industry.

How well do stylists and owners connect with your mission at Eufora?
Stylists and owners in our industry are often jaded by companies that make big promises but never deliver. Once a salon professional has an experience with Eufora that shows them that we really do care—that we do walk our talk and are about much more than just selling shampoo—their connection and trust develops. Most importantly they learn that Eufora truly does understand their needs, and everything we do is to support their growth and success.

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