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Meet Nikki Maybee, July Educator of the Month


Nikki Maybee, Brazilian Blowout Educator and Owner of Salon Simply Beautiful in Berkley, Michigan, has carried Brazilian Blowout in her salon for a decade. Now, she’s using her years of experience to teach other stylists the technical ins and outs of Brazilian Blowout. Her hands-on experience and teaching style is why we’ve selected her as July’s Educator of the Month for Premier Beauty!

What’s your favorite product from Brazilian Blowout?

I didn’t think Brazilian Blowout could outdo themselves...then they came out with Ionic Cleanser. It was a total game changer, giving the best blowouts time and time again. It was like going from a Lexus to a Maybach. I would have to say it’s been my favorite product by far.

You literally had to shampoo at least seven times or more depending on the density, thickness, and product buildup. I deal with a lot of textured hair where they have oil or wax buildup because of all the products they use. Sometimes seven washes turned into ten because the hair had to be squeaky clean before applying the solution.

Ionic Cleanser has a pH of nine so it opens the cuticle and takes away any product mineral buildup. I was very skeptical, but I noticed a difference in my Brazilian Blowouts right away. I also like that it’s a foam booster shampoo that you spray onto the hair. I’m not wasting any product that way.

What are the takeaways from your classes?

Step 1 and Step 3 are the two new changes that I notify stylists about, concerning the Brazilian Blowout. Ionic Cleanser speeds up shampooing time and Ionic Bonding Spray replaces the need to do the mask at the bowl. Using Step 1 and Step 3 shaves off more time from the whole process of the Brazilian Blowout.

What's the newest, freshest approach you're bringing to education?

When I get up to educate, I tell my class that I’m behind the chair like all of them. I don’t assume that everyone knows everything already, which means I go step-by-step in each of my classes. I don’t rush through anything.

I’m straightforward, confident, and I’ve really studied my education. I love that you can find a Brazilian Blowout class anywhere, and the classes are free! All it takes is a quick call to get an educator to your salon.

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