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Meet Belinda Benham, October Educator of the Month


When it comes to extensions, lifestyle is critical for the perfect application and fit.

We love Belinda Benham’s realistic approach to with customers, which is why we’ve chosen this Hotheads Brand Educator and Hairstylist at MDG Salon in downtown Indianapolis as our October Educator of the Month.

“Extensions should enhance your look and not look like they are extensions!” Benham said. “I don't want my clients to have to worry about their hair after they leave the salon.”

What’s your favorite product from Hotheads?

The clarifying shampoo. It smells amazing and gives the best clean hair results!

What's your best extensions tip?

Always leave enough hair around the perimeter so the client can put it up easily. Stay away from placing extensions right underneath growth patterns—they are easily exposed where the hair separates!

Start clients off with less hair extensions, you can always add more later! Let them get use to having them in, and they'll want more in no time!


@hotheadshairextensions Three packs of tape ins to create this amazing look!

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What are the common problems faced by stylists today? How do you think those problems should be handled?

I love Instagram and Pinterest, but they can cause unrealistic expectations. Most of the time, it's a pretty picture of an Instagram model that doesn't match their own coloring and is a lot of maintenance. It's our job to explain how much work and time is needed to create these styles, as well as to create a style that works for their own coloring and lifestyle.

Ask questions to figure out what will work for clients: (1) Tell me how long you like to spend styling your hair in the morning? (2) Is your image an important aspect of your job? (3) What is your dream hair?

Name a time when you've had to paint a realistic picture for a client that found a photo on social media?

Probably every new client!! I have a lot of naturally light blondes that show me pictures of high contrast dark roots and white ends, but in real life they would hate putting black on their natural blonde hair because it's so hard to get out and will grow out very quickly.

What’s the next skill you want to cross off your list?

I would love to do master styling classes! Advanced blow-drying and styling.

Where can we find your work?

Instagram at @hairby_belinda.

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