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Meet Angelo Zucco, October Educator of the Month


Angelo Zucco, Unite Educator, is Premier Beauty’s October Educator of the Month. Giving back is the key to his passion for education. We know that his optimistic approach and willingness to share what he knows inspires other stylists to reach new heights. Congrats, Angelo!

How’d you get your start in education?

I was inspired to get into hair and education because of my late mother Diana. My sister, who is a hairdresser as well, has been instrumental to my growth in this industry. The willingness of successful stylists who treated me as if I was equal made me want to give that back in return.

What’s your favorite product from Unite?

7 Seconds Leave-In Conditioner is my go-to. It’s the first step to perfect hair. Plus it’s great for all hair types and keeps hair beautiful and healthy!

What is a common problem faced by stylists today?

Social media is both a gift and a curse because sometimes it gives our guests an unrealistic expectation for their hair. On the other hand, it’s great for them to be inspired so we’re both on the same page during the consultation. Our guests may see an amazing picture and automatically believe that that look is for them and can be achieved in one session. Most do not realize that pictures on Pinterest and Instagram have had some filtering done—and perfect lighting is certainly a factor. Pretty much all of the hair we see online also was achieved with many sessions and certainly proper hair care to keep the integrity of the hair healthy.

A proper consultation is the most important way to manage expectations. If we as stylists and educators make sure we’re asking the right questions to our guests, it will almost guarantee that there will not be an issue when working toward their hair goals. Finding out their needs versus their wants, asking about their lifestyle, and asking them how much maintenance they’re prepared to handle is key. Ex. Follow up/maintenance appointments.

What do you want stylists to know about education?

Stylists should know that education is the key to our success. I say this wholeheartedly because I was a late bloomer in this industry and have had to work very hard to learn what I now know. Also that the days of lecture-style classes are a thing of the past. Class to me is all about having fun while learning—getting your energy high so there’s more probability of retaining the information.

Any advice for educators?

My advice for educators is to love what you do! The minute your passion fades, so will your ability to be a true educator. Always stay humble and hungry for more!

What are your educator goals?

To help people I come in contact with be more confident. Another goal is to continue to learn and grow with my Unite team. I hope to one day teach a class at our global session and hopefully get a chance to mentor someone else.

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