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Insight for Stylists

4 Ways to Improve Your Client Consultations


In any relationship, communication is key. In a client/stylist relationship that is even more so. The clients are paying a stylist for a service—the stylist needs to know what the client wants in order to give them a great experience.

Client consultation is a key factor in the success of the hairstyle and happiness of the client. Many stylists may skip through the consultation for a number of factors. Maybe they know the client well or the client insists that the stylist “do whatever looks good.”

Whatever the reasons may be, there’s no excuse to skip the client consultation. Take your time—it’ll save the stylist and client in the long run. If they’re happy, they’ll come back!

Ask Productive Questions


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This is crucial. As a stylist, you need to be asking the right type of questions to give the client the results they want. Get the client talking! The first question should be “What are you hoping to achieve with your hair today?”

Stylists should ask open ended questions, too. If you only ask yes or no questions, you’ll miss a lot of information. Get the client comfortable by making them talk more.

Once they’re more comfortable, get the client talking about what they don’t like. Knowing what they don’t like will help the stylist learn what they DO want.

Don’t interrupt the client while they are speaking. Interruptions may dissuade a client from sharing their ideas.

Stylists should keep visuals at their stations to clear up confusion. Visuals help the stylists and clients clarify the overall goal. For example, color samples can help identify a “caramel” color from a “honey” color. A ruler can measure out exactly how many inches the client wants to take off.


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LISTEN Instead of Pre-Determine!


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Stylists see the world, and the people in it, differently than people with an untrained eye. They see a person’s face and automatically know the perfect cut. They look at their eye color and know what color would make them pop. However, sometimes this vision gets in the way of a client consultation. Your idea for the client might cloud your judgment or cause you not to listen to what they’re saying about what they want.

Listen more than you talk. To effectively listen to a client during the consultation, don’t talk to the client through the mirror. Spin the chair around and make eye contact. It’s more personal!

Be Honest About Time and Money


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Tell it like it is. If a client asks for a certain look, be 100% truthful with them about it. Let them know every detail about that look prior to creating it.

Getting your client from a Level 3 to a Level 10 can be a long process requiring multiple appointments—maybe it’s not even possible. Be upfront with them and let the client know exactly what they are asking for before creating that look. Tell them if it requires a lot of maintenance or styling, because if they don’t have the time or money, you can move on and suggest something else.

Always be honest with clients about the cost of a look, the amount of time it will require and what kind of damage could be caused to their hair.

Don’t Rush, Gain Their Trust


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Don’t rush the consultation. It might be the only time you have to gain their trust. They need your guidance and your help, and the only way they’re going to listen is if you listen FIRST. Stylists can, and should, be giving suggestions as needed. Clients may not have thought of layers or copper highlights instead of blonde.

By giving a suggestion, that may help a stylist give a client a look they will adore, and if they adore a look you gave them, they’ll come back!

Consultations are important! Be sure to ask a client the right questions, listen to what they have to say and be honest with them. Education is the key to confidence. Learn more on how to make clients look and feel their best with our education offerings.

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