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Meet Gabriella Pitrone, January Educator of the Month


By Erin Noha

In one word, Gabriella Pitrone sums up why she loves Hotheads Hair Extensions.


“Their reaction is the best. It really is the best.”

It’s a Friday in the salon, which is a day that some stylists would deem as a special sort of torture. Pitrone, a Hotheads Educator for Premier Beauty, modestly admits that she’s got a Monday brain on a Friday, which pretty much means that her day’s going twice as worse (and what a time to do an interview—quite the champ).

Still, the minute I mention client satisfaction, her demeanor brightens. At first, I thought her eager feedback was caused by a recent five-day holiday vacation, but it actually was her genuine belief that Hotheads is an amazing extension brand. Quite frankly, it's life changing.

“It’s the best line out there. I love the ability to give your client something that’s not possible otherwise. It’s such a struggle for women that have such fine hair to achieve fullness and thickness,” she said.

Gabriella Pitrone is Premier Beauty’s January Educator of the Month for her work building Hotheads Hair Extensions in her market.


There is still hope when your hair gets really bad ... Me 󾌴 We transformed her hair from gold red roots and blue broken...

Posted by Gabriella stylist by gabby pitrone on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Why Do You Love Hotheads?

“It’s the easiest extension out there—no tools or heat needed. All you need is a clip and a comb.”

“They’re not damaging, so you can use them on someone with more fragile hair and they don’t have to worry about losing any hair they’re trying to keep. The medical grade adhesive is so gentle. It’s not something anyone’s been able to copy successfully.”

What’s Your Favorite Way to Use Hotheads?

“Utilizing them to add color and thickness, not just length, is probably the most gratifying—especially when you’re transforming someone who can’t color their hair or who doesn’t have a lot.”

What Are the Advantages of Adding This to Your Salon?

“Revenue. It’s an easy, quick service you can do, whether it’s a full set or a couple pieces for color and thickness. The first time you do it, they’re hooked.”

Any Advice for Trying to Break into the Extension Business?

“Let go of the normal hairstylist pride in thinking that you know everything. Really take the time to learn the actual method and make sure that you know it inside and out before giving extensions to every client. When you’re offering your service, you want to be mastering your service.”

Gabriella Pitrone is also the Art Director at Dino Palmieri Salon in Eton, Ohio. You can view more of her work on Instagram and follow her Facebook page. Shop all of Hotheads Hair Extensions at Premier Beauty and log in to purchase.

Erin Noha covers stories for Premier Beauty.

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