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Three Express Services to Boost Salon Revenue in 2019


Why Express Services are a Must

Express services provide an excellent bump in revenue at any time of the year and are most successful during times when potential clients are looking for a quick and affordable way to look their best for upcoming events.

Capitalize on heavy foot traffic—like April for prom season, August for back-to-school, and December for the holidays—and gain clients that might not otherwise splurge on a full treatment.

Here are three services to maximize revenue in less time and bring in new clients in 2019.

Brazilian Blowout Express

More affordable and less time consuming than the original Brazilian Blowout, the Brazilian Blowout Express is perfect for clients looking for something quick and easy to polish their look.

The Brazilian Blowout Express eliminates Step 1 from the Original treatment by cleansing and depositing at the same time, so clients get frizz-free, beautiful hair that’s perfect for all those holiday photos, without being too hard on their budget.

The Brazilian Blowout Express is also a great way to show clients the value in the full smoothing treatment if it’s something they wouldn’t otherwise have considered.

Aloxxi Andiamo 10-Minute Color

Give clients fast color with Aloxxi’s Andiamo 10-minute color express service.

Available in 12 gorgeous shades, the trick is in Aloxxi’s Turbo Dye Technology, which uses increased pigment concentration and a calibrated dye coupler formula to achieve vibrant, lasting color with up to four levels of lift in only 10 minutes.

Clients need not worry about hair damage; Illipe Butter conditions hair to leave it healthy and shiny.

Hotheads Extensions for Volume and Highlights

Clients looking for a fool-proof way to look their best will love Hotheads Extensions.

With extensions available in a variety of lengths and colors, there’s truly something for everyone, whether they are looking for something classic or spunky.

Extensions provide a super-fast way to get instant volume and color that lasts. In an hour or less, clients can have full, gorgeous hair with any color, all without any damaging treatment to their hair.

Tips for Implementing Express Services

Express services are incredibly effective at bringing in new customers and upping revenue—but only if clients know about them. Here are a few ways to promote these services.

Make Express Services a Deal

Everyone loves deals. Try running a sale on express services to entice clients, or offer the services at a reduced price when they purchase another service. Clients that already feel like they’re getting a deal by doing the express service might feel extra incentivized with an additional discount.

Make Services Visible

Be sure that services and any potential deals are on display both inside and outside of the salon. Exterior promotions like sandwich boards bring in new clients, while interior signage upsells these services to existing customers.

Upsell & Add-On

Don’t be afraid to upsell. Customers that come in for a cut may be looking for a way to up their look for a special event, but don’t know what their options are, or don’t want to commit to something drastic. Let them know some of the express services they can take advantage of to look their best.

Providing express services offers a major boost in revenue and brings in new clients year-round! Try some of these services and shop on Premier Beauty to stock up on our extension, color, and smoothing products.

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