Brazilian Blowout vs. Other Smoothing Treatments


The more you know, the more services you can offer, when it comes to Brazilian Blowout.

Alfredo Lewis, Brazilian Professionals Global Director of Education, lines up the differences between Brazilian Blowout and other smoothing treatments. Let his advice give you confidence and new ideas on how to customize the treatment. Your clients and your bank account will thank you.

“I have experience with multiple smoothing treatments have found that with Brazilian Blowout, being amino acid-based, I never have to worry about over-keratinization. I felt like with some of my clients when they kept getting keratin over keratin, their hair would start to feel dry and brittle. That’s something I love about Brazilian Blowout—I never have that happen. Another thing they love is no downtime. I used to get a lot of redo’s with other treatments because maybe the client would put a clip in their hair and end up with a dent, because of the 72-hour crystallization process.

With Brazilian Blowout, you rinse it right then and there, and the client goes home with clean hair. They can swim, go to the gym, they can sweat; they can do whatever they normally would do. Also, the customizable aspect of Brazilian Blowout is huge. My clients want to change their Brazilian, just like their hair color. They might want smooth and the next time they come in, they want their curls. They love the fact that they can switch it and change it up.”

How to Customize a Brazilian Blowout

“STAT stands for the four things used to determine results of a Brazilian Blowout: Section size, Temperature of flat iron, Amount of passes, and Tension. You can actually manipulate the results of the Brazilian Blowout by that. You can give clients really defined, frizz-free curls for three months! A lot of clients just don’t know that.

Not every client should be 450 degrees on the flat iron and 10 passes. Right now, texture is really in and clients want to wear their hair curly, especially in the humid months. Use an inch and a half section size and lower the temperature to the lowest possible for the product to work, which is 380 degrees.

Do fewer passes; the minimum amount of passes is four to five. Use light tension. You can turn kinky curls into soft beach waves, which I find a lot of people like and that’s really in fashion right now. You can lessen the curl if you do a middle customization. Use the flat iron around 400 to 410 degrees and instead of four or five passes, do six or seven.

You can get soft, loose curls just by elongating the S-pattern. All clients are different and it depends on their hair, but usually 10 to 12 passes at 420 to 430 degrees gives the smoothest hair. That’s pretty standard. The only time I would do less is if I did a full bleach on someone.”

Add volume to straight, thin or fine hair.

“Your clients with fine or straight hair can get volume with a Brazilian Blowout. The service is not just about taking away volume or density for smooth hair. It goes back to using low heat, and beveling your flat iron like you’re doing a roller set. You can actually build volume in the crown area all the way to the front.”

Eliminate cowlicks.

“Cowlicks can be frustrating for clients and stylists. If your client wants to wear their hair with a side-swept bang and it maybe splits in the middle, or if they want to wear their hair in the middle but they can’t because they have a cowlick, you can actually break that cowlick during the flat ironing process. Going against the cowlick back and forth with your flat iron can actually eradicate a cowlick from the hair for three months.”

Lock in color.

“Brazilian Blowout seals and puts a protective protein layer around the hair. If you do it right after color, you’re putting a protective barrier, almost shrink wrapping that color around the hair follicle. I love doing it right after coloring my clients because I feel like it’s really adding lasting properties and vibrancy.”

Brazilian Blowout can be a great service for numerous clients when customized for hair type and desired results. Become a trained and certified Brazilian Blowout stylist and gain a new income source. Sign up for a FREE roadshow or class in your area by visiting Premier Beauty.

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