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Milbon Signature Conditioning Treatments: A Service For Every Need


Milbon, the newest brand to join the Premier Beauty family, is widely known for its innovative hair treatments. Their Signature line boasts a number of deep-conditioning services to treat hair of all types for a wide range of issues, leaving clients with gorgeous, lasting results. Check out the service options from their Signature line below!


Milbon’s Signature SMOOTH treatment is designed to address wiry or tangled hair with low- to-medium damage.

This deep-conditioning treatment smoothes hair cuticles and seals in hydration, instantly detangling hair and leaving it ultra polished and shiny for up to five weeks. An optional primer can be used to extend results, and the stylists can customize for fine, medium, or coarse hair. This service includes four vials of an at-home weekly booster.

A three-step process, the treatment takes 10 to 15 minutes and should be charged at a $40 minimum price point.


MOISTURE by Milbon treats dull, dry, or porous hair with low-to-medium damage that’s in need of extra hydration or a boost in color vibrancy.

MOISTURE deeply nourishes and moisturizes hair, restoring it from the inside out, without adding weight. Moisture is sealed in, and an at-home weekly booster provides results that last up to five weeks.

This hydrating treatment is a five-step process that takes 10 to 15 minutes to perform and should be charged at a $45 minimum price point.


REPAIR by Milbon is the perfect answer to dry, over-processed hair exhibiting high damage such as breakage, brittleness, or a cotton candy-like texture.

REPAIR reconstructs severely damaged hair with a deep treatment that improves uniformity and smoothness with its restorative properties. Two formulas are available, depending on whether hair is fine, or medium to coarse. An at-home weekly booster extends the results for up to five weeks.

Charged at a minimum price point of $60, this four-step process takes 10 to 15 minutes.


Milbon’s ANTI-FRIZZ deep-conditioning treatment promotes curl definition and minimizes frizz in wavy or curly hair.

Milbon’s unique formula targets hydrophobic areas of the cortex to maximize moisture absorption and retention; moisture is locked in, and a barrier shields hair from external humidity. Clients can be sent home with a weekly booster to prolong results for up to five weeks.

ANTI-FRIZZ is a three-step, 10 to 15 minute service that should be charged at a minimum price point of $50.


VOLUME by Milbon treats fine, limp, or flat hair types to promote optimal fullness, bounce, and body.

Unlike Milbon’s other deep-conditioning services, VOLUME doesn’t have an in-salon treatment and is an at-home care regimen.

Clients can expect to pay $24 to take home VOLUME Shampoo and $36 to take home VOLUME Treatment.


SCALP is Milbon’s answer to a range of scalp issues—from itchiness and dandruff to dryness or oiliness, and even odor.

SCALP cleanses and conditions to remove excess fatty acids, yielding a more balanced scalp.

The treatment is completed in 30 minutes and should be charged at a minimum of $40.

The deep-conditioning treatments offered in Milbon’s Signature line are a revolutionary approach to improving hair quality, no matter what issue a client may be experiencing. Milbon’s scientifically proven formulations provide an excellent in-salon service that will keep clients coming back for beautiful results.

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