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Products at Premier Beauty That We Wouldn’t Mind as Presents


If you need an idea of what we're asking for this year--or what we're buying with our cash afterwards--here are some products on our wish list this year. Maybe they'll make your list too! 

Eufora ElixirONE

I LOVE Eufora ElixirONE. I use it as my stand-alone styling product and I just blow-dry it in. It seems to keep down my frizz and holds in moisture—perfect for hair product-beginners or low-maintenance gals like me. :) -Jori

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream

Truly a life-saver. My flyaways and frizz are completely gone when I blow-dry with this lotion. Plus, the smell is a deep perfume that lasts all day. I mean if you don’t like the smell of Moroccanoil, you basically have no soul (this is hyperbole, of course). -Erin

Verb Volume Spray

I love it because there's a noticeable difference in my hair when I use it; it's like it plumps up my strands. I spray it all over my hair while it's damp, then I brush through my hair. Lastly, I blow-dry it.

It smells like a very clean perfume. I would say it's more of a fruity scent—definitely not floral. I would recommend this product to anyone with fine hair. Whether you have a lot of hair or a little, you will see noticeable volume. -Jeri


I am thankful for SHIMMER.SHINE. This product brings out my inner Blake Lively because my hair feels soft, looks shiny and smells heavenly. -Meg

Verb Ghost Oil

I am in love with Verb Ghost Oil! First of all, it smells FANTASTIC. I also love its feel and it keeps my little baby flyaways and split ends at bay. I use it every day! -Jane

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong

I really love Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong, too. I've never been big into hairspray and this product has made me a believer. It keeps my curls without leaving sticky crustiness like other hairsprays. It also smells wonderful and I like that it stays fresh all day. -Jane

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